What state was the fugitive slave act in?

And the Dred Scott decision please. (same question)

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    There were two Fugitive Slave Acts - the last one was in 1850, as a part of the Compromise of 1850 which passed a more strict Act in place of the one from the 18th century (which was not enforced). The Fugitive Slave Act applied to all "free" states, i.e., the North.

    The Dred Scott decision wasn't exactly in one state - the decision was made in the Supreme Court in 1856-1857. This decision, like the Fugitive Slave Act, negatively affected the North. The decision essentially stated that, by the 5th Amendment, slaves are considered private property and that the federal/state government cannot deny a citizen of that right.

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    It was in the state of South Arkansas, which disbanded from the union in 1912, currently not appearing on any maps.

    Source(s): Me (I'm a history teacher)
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