how good is sony vegas movie studio for amv making?

well i would get vegas pro but i cant afford it :( soo i have to settle for movie studio. how good is it for amv making. mainly what i want to know is dose it have the effect where you can like put on clip on top of another without it taking up the whole screen or whatever you call it. also it has to have the ability to zoom in on a specific part of a clip. also the little piano key like effect in this vid

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is really cool and i want to know if movie Studio has effects like that. please help me asap. this is going on my christmas list.

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  • tagaca
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    3 years ago

    do no longer use abode windows movie Maker! in case you have an particularly good computer, use AVS Video Editor. discover qasimchaudhry123's channel for a crack on Youtube to do away with waterwarks. persist with all of the stairs and that i assure you that's going to artwork! i've got not got a good computer, so it lags when I edit my AMVs, yet I definitely have persistence. : ) AVS Video Editor aspects 100x greater suited effects than WMM's undesirable high quality. Sonic the Hedgehog AMVs are my reliable point!

  • 9 years ago

    I absolutely adore sony vegas, there's so many options on ways to edit a video. Yeah, you can have like different windows of videos, i'm not really sure what it's called either, but i know what you're talking about, like how the musicians on youtube have it. You can also zoom into stuff, but it's not that clear when you do.

    I haven't seen that piano key effect before, i think you'd have to create it on your own.

    Source(s): I own sony vegas
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