Free 10th Prestige Lobby MW2?

Can anyone get me into a free 10th lobby (titles, emblems, camos, guns, challenges) on MW2 for the xbox 360. I never liked prestiging, i'm legit 3rd in COD4/WAW, and legit 5th in MW2. i've kinda busted my *** in those games and since Black Ops is out (which i have and am doing everything legit) i'm hoping someone out there will just be like, "sure i'll do it". I dont do the Youtube thing so i cant subscribe or anything like that. Please send an invite, my gamertag is xMoNSTA MsFiTZz.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Im getting a JTAG soon and ill send you invite for free 10th ill also be doing zombie mods n stuff


    - Desired Prestige + 70

    - All Titles Unlocked

    - All Emblems Unlocked

    - All Challenges Unlocked

    - All Camo's Unlocked

    - All Gun's Unlocked

    - All Gun Attachments Unlocked

    - All Accolades Unlocked

    - Spinning Tenth Skull Unlocked

    - Custom Clan Tag Editor

    - Custom Colored Class Editor

    - Chrome Weapons


    - Laser Sight

    - FPS Counter

    - Bigger Compass

    - Auto M16/Famas

    - Instant Reload

    - Perfect Accuracy

    - See through walls

    - See enemy names through walls

    - Long distance knifing

    - Instant Reload

    - Enemy can hear your speak !

    - Show Ping

    - Stun Grenades have no effect on you

    - Chopper Gunners, AC130 and EMP in care package

    - Hold breath for longer when sniping !

    - Nukes blow up instantly

    - One vote to skip map

    - Martyrdom is a predator missile

    - Shows hosts info

    - Super Chopper Gunner

    - Chrome Vision

    - Many More....

    Only In the Lobby

    - Super Jump

    - Unlimited Ammo

    - Skate Mod

    - Vision Menu

    - Kamikase Bomber

    - Crazy s*** in care packages

    - Teleport

    - Akimbo Thumpers

  • 4 years ago

    i'm web hosting 10th status lobbies for unfastened and giving out invites, its 1st come 1st serve foundation. i visit be web hosting lobbies on Sunday and Monday. touch me with the aid of e mail or deliver me a message for extra information...

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