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Do you think that Brian Scalabrine is a hall of a famer?

I believe that no one has contributed more to the game of basketball than Brian Scalabrine. That man is just on another level.

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    When he retires they are going to waiver his waiting period and induct him into the Hall of Fame 1 second after he retires.

    But for this to happen David Stern followed him around till Brian claimed retirement. But Brian got so annoyed of David Stern telling him to allow a threesome between them that he killed himself before retiring.

    As a memorial David Stern hired referees to be biased towards teams that have player with the letter B and S.

    Because so many players have those letters the referees had a nervous breakdown not knowing who to be biased towards and killed themselves.

    As a result the FBI investigated and found in David Stern's underwear a subliminal message. The message was that the green team would be moved away to a different league. Due to the retardation of FBI agents it took them 9 years to figure out who was the green team. Little did they know the green team was now blue.

    The FBI agents afraid of losing their jobs shot themselves with bebe guns till they died.

    David Stern was sitting in his chair laughing (evil) and said to himself this:

    "If I can't get Larsa, no one can mwahahahahmwahahaha"...

    Little did he know Larsa already married Scottie Pippen.

    So David went to Scottie's house and offered Larsa 125 million dollars to come with him.

    She did but still made love Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen at the same time.

    As a result of finding out David Stern killed himself and all his stuff was left to his wife Larsa.

    Larsa reunited once and for all with Scottie Pippen.

    And Scottie Pippen and Larsa took over the NBA.

    Larsa being a femenist combined the WNBA and NBA. It was called the GayBA.

    The league was okay at first but then allegations of rape were being brought and Larsa backlashed by killing herself.

    As a result Scottie killed himself to.

    Scottie Pippen left the organization to Michael Jordan.

    Michael Jordan fixed on making the league back to it's original and great form separated the NBA and WNBA and drafted all new players to be on every team.

    The league became horrible as MJ drafted multiple clones of Kwame Brown.

    Records for missed shots and turnovers were set.

    Michael Jordan being in depression of this killed himself and left it to......................................

    .......Shaquille O'neal

    And that is how the world came to an end.

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    Him and dj mbenga are first ballot hall of famers, I think they will make a museum with just items from Brian scalabrine and dj mbenga. Such as dj mbenga's Cup of water that he gave to Kobe and scalabrines headband

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    Yes. First Ballot Bench Warmer.

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    No. Brian Scalabrine has done nothing important in his career. Most of the time in Boston he didn't play at all except when there's like 20.3 seconds left in the 2nd or 4th quarter. He thinks he's such a good basketball player just because he won a NBA championship where, he didn't even play 1 minute in the whole entire Finals series. Currently though he is getting about 15 minutes or less with the Chicago Bulls, which is the team he signed with during the Free Agency period. Of course no one cares because it was all about the King.

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    hell yea, right behind Adam Morrison.

    but a close fight with Kawme and DJ Mbanga.

    my vote would goes to Mbanga, cus I am

    Banging for Mbanga :)

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    He's good at being a ginger. That's all he's got going for him.

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    He has more rings than LeBron James

    Source(s): The truth hurts
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    totally dude

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