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:D asked in TravelAfrica & Middle EastEgypt · 10 years ago

____Egypt: Please help with my Arabic?____?

♥.♥ ابن جارتنـــا ♥.♥

ف البيت اللي جنب بيتنا أنا

أنا شفت إبن جارتنا ولا

ولا فيه فـ حلاوته هنا

ولا فـ أي حتة

أنادي له .. أنادي له ليه

أحكي له .. طب أقول له إيه

جنني .. أعمل له إيه

أعمل له إيه

حبيت بس أقول له إني أنا

أنا دايبة فيه وبقالي سنة

لا قدرت أقول له ولا

قدرت يوم أنســاااه

I wanna know how to pronounce it and also what does it mean in English?

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  • DS
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    10 years ago
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    Our neighbor's son

    In the house next door

    I saw our neighbor's son

    There's no one around here as handsome as he is

    Or any where else

    I'd call out for him....but why would I call out for him?

    I'd tell him....but what would I tell him?

    He's driving me crazy...what should I do?

    What should I do?

    I just wanted to tell him that I

    That I'm in love with him & it's been a year

    I couldn't bring myself to tell him &

    I couldn't for a day forget him

    Ebn garetna

    Fel beit elly ganb beitna ana

    Ana shoft ebn garetna wala

    Wala feeh fe halwotoh hena

    Wala fe ay heta

    Anady loh...Anady loh leih aaol loh aih

    Ganeney...Aameloh aih

    Habeit bas aaloh eny ana

    Ana dayba feeh

    La edert aaolo wala

    Edert youm ansah

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  • 4 years ago

    hahahahahaha I honestly can't stop laughing :D:D..ana men ra2y kan el mafrooed yetloob mesba7 Aladdin :P It's one thing marrying a wealthy man & it's another asking him to spend all his money just getting married for elmahr, I think (though not common 5ales) eno make sense ela 7aden ma we momken dah yedafa3 feeh, ta2m almaz is absolutely worthless, elalmaz 3moman maloosh 2eema 3'er wenta betshtreeh, a villa & an apartment? I have no comment 3ala deh :D Forgot to ask: 3amalt aih fel round exam? Edit: 1) True 2) True, I guess 3) True coz there's a risk of strangulation 4) I don't know :D I've only been to pediatric surgery dep. so lesa mada5ltesh fe 7aga aslan, all the cases are either a maldescended testis or a hydrocele.

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  • 10 years ago

    Download Rosetta stone from it is usually £300+ depending on which. This site will let you download it for free. It has 13 languages on it including Arabic hope it helps. I've used it, i'm now talking a lot of greek i live in Cyprus :D

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