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when should you inform family about pregnancy?

I missed my period 3 days back and after test realized that I am pregnant. I called doctor and she said I am 4 weeks in pregnancy starting from 1st day of my last period and gave appointment after 3 weeks. I would love to tell this to my parents and husband's parents and siblings only. I hear stories about 50% of these pregnancies end in miscarriage in first 6 -8 weeks. Is is better to wait for the ultrasound and confirm and then let parents know? Please share your experience. Thanks!

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    It's really a personal choice. If you are OK with telling everyone you are pregnant and then possibly having to tell them that you miscarried then tell whoever you want as soon as you want. But if you think you would rather not have to tell people you miscarried then I would wait. My husband and I told people almost immediately with our second, in fact, I think we told our parents the same night I told him.

  • we just a couple of weeks ago found out we were pregnant unexpectidly. the day i got the positive home test we told both our famalies. because my periods had been wierd i could have been 4 weeks or 8 so a few days later we took a blood test it showed i was pregnant but the pregnancy was going to be unviable a week later i miscarried our TWINS that were apporxamately 6-7 weeks.

    we not only had to go back and tell everyone that i miscarried but that i miscarried twins. we have since decided that we want to try for another child but i will not tell anyone other than my best friend and husband of course until im past 12 weeks

    Source(s): edit. the only reason i would tell my best friend is so i have someone to talk to abut pregnancy stuff as i know i would go insane. my husband had told everyone at his work and even at other stores other than his before we found out it would not be a viable pregnancy. it just hurt me even more cause now each time i see someone they tell me how sorry they are for my loss and it just makes me cry all over again
  • I told everyone as soon as I found out and I was only four weeks myself. Its really up to you. Many people don't tell until they've reached the 12 week mark, but that's just too long for me because I was soooo anxious!

    It's your personal decision but if you feel like you need to tell, then tell. And if you decided to not tell and you loose baby how will you deal with that without having any type of support because you kept it from everyone so they don't even know.

    You'll need the support, God forbid, if that was to happen.

    Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

    **By the way, I think its safe to tell your good friends and relatives, you've already told the whole answers community.

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    We told my mom, his parents, my good friend, he told his boss and coworker since there was only two of them, and I told one trusted coworker. I told everyone else at 12 weeks if they had not guessed already before then, lol. Some people really have a sense for just being able to tell when you are pregnant. Anyway, you tell who you want to tell, but I kept it pretty quiet until the 12 weeks even though I was DYING to tell EVERYONE.

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    I reckon it really depends on you - even if the pregnancy doesnt survive you will at least have everyone's support and you dont have to heal on your own. I had to wait for 6 months before I could tell anyone. Lucklily i didnt show up till late. Thats because my partner comes from an area with a high mortality rate of babies prior to birth - so no one takes you seriously till 6 months!! So yep - it really does depend on you... :) Good luck!

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    I told my mom, my in-laws and my sis-in-law when my husband and I first found out but did not tell anyone else until I was almost 12 weeks. I figured I would tell them because even if something happened with the pregnancy I would tell them about that anyway. Congrats and good luck!!

    Source(s): 37w 2d along with baby girl Makenna
  • everyone is different some people tell there family as soon as they find out they are pregnant where others wait until they have had a scan before they tell their family its up to you and your husband

    Source(s): 12 weeks n 6 days preg EDD 10th June 2011
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    i told everyone wheni found out.

    i found out at 12 weeks, and i was 17.

    i wish i knew earlier, but i didnt because i was stubborn.

    and i just think you should tell them so they can be there for you.

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