How do i get rid of termites when i have no money.?

Is there a program or some way to get rid of termites for low to no income homes.

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    I'm going to assume you are talking about subterranean termites. Their the ones that you will see in the mud "tunnels". Already stated Termidor is a pretty good option BUT its definitely not $75 a gallon. I wish it was! It will cost a minimum of $175 for 72 ounces of concentrate, but that will mix 99 gallons of concentrate. There is no generic for Termidor. Now you can also buy imidacloprid it DOES have a generic and you will be able to enough to mix 100 gallons for roughly $40. The only down side to buying the chemical yourself is it is VERY labor intensive!

    Now I'll skip to the chase. I'm sure you don't have the equipment to treat your house yourself and you say you don't have any money. Termite companies give free estimates. Have 3 or 4 come to your house and hear what they have to offer. To save money DO NOT call the big name companies (you know who they are) Their first price is always negotiable and also it will be ALOT cheaper to do all this is the super cold months (termite companies are slow and desperate) After negotiating a final price ask them if they finance. Most companies will finance with no interest.

    This is not treating your house for "no money" but it is a cheap way to your house serviced by professionals!

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    Getting Rid Of Termites

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    I am an exterminator in SC. Where do you live? 2000.00 is a very high estimate for a termite treatment. Let me first say that to get rid of all the termites a spot treatment of that one room will not work usually because the colony will find another area of your house to eat. To perform a proper termite treatment you will need the proper equipment such as a hammer drill to drill beneath slabs etc and a spray tank that can hold at least 50 gallons of diluted termiticide. It will take between 100 and 200 gallons of diluted termiticide to properly treat the house. Now with that said i understand your situation which will probably not allow you to treat it properly so i suggest first looking up the two best termiticides which are termidor and premise. You can try to purchase these and mix in a 1 gallon sprayer and apply as the label requires but again this will only slow them down. I would also suggest that you call pest control companies in your area and explain your position, ask them if they are willing to do a free treatment or greatly discounted treatment in exchange for media coverage. What do you think would happen if it was on the news that abc pest control is helping a consumer in need treat his house for termites. The exposure would more than pay for the treatment and everyone wins.

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    It really depends on what type of termite, how the place is built, how long they've been there and where you are on the planet. Sometimes it is as simple as taking away their water source.

    If you're house in one stumps, you can slow subterranean termites by jacking it up and putting metal sheet (banged out old stuff is fine) over the top of the stump so that termites can no longer get through on the inside. This can be added to by letting chickens have free-run underneath and training them to eat termites with some you find in a nearby wood,

    In any case, more detail is needed.

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    Don't know what kind of termites you have, but there are 5 areas of the country where the USDA is working with local university agriculture centers to provide treatment for Formosan termites. Obviously, your chances of being in such an area is very slim indeed. And it may not even be Formosans that you have. But might be worth a call to your local USDA Agricultural Extension office or to a nearby large university agriculture center to ask.

    If you have equity in your home, then perhaps you could get an equity loan from your mortgage lender to treat the termites. Treatment will help protect their investment as well as your own.

    Lastly, there is the possibility of doing the treatment yourself. If it comes to that, it looks to me like a bait system might be the better option. (see link)

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    Hi The J-ster,

    Good thing you have come with this question, termites tend to spread pretty fast so you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

    The quickest way I think to get rid of termites is to place a wood slab inject with toxins at the infested areas.

    Take note that's it's possible that these termites come back again, so it's advisable you take a look at prevention solutions. One thing I can say is that plants and trees can help the termites in entering your house, so ensure that they are well distanced.

    Good luck!

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    Everything costs at least something. If you can afford $75 get a gallon of Termidor concentrate from a do it yourself pest control. That stuff is awesome against termites. Bifenthrin is a little less expensive, and doesn't work as well, but will still work.

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    It's really hard to justify spending money when you just don't have a ton of it. However, when you have a problem such a termites its best to nip things in the bud with the best products out there and protect your home from future problems. I would recommend using a product called Termador to treat the pests. Then, once they are gone it is crutial that you seal and protect your wood from future attacks. I would use a product called Infinity Wood Sealer by Infinity Sealers, which is guaranteed for 25 years.

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    likely....termite and carpenter ant gound bait / traps and spray solutions can be purchase at stores like Lowes for a relatively small amount. Remove and replace the infested wood areas for structural reasons. Only other option is to have a company like terminex come out, but buying the baits and sprays will be much cheaper.

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    I bought termites killer paste from a website. It did the job, killed all termites around my house. Only cost me around $40. Here is the link:

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