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If you were going to get a job as a waitress.... what would be your most effective approach?

I am just curious... dont come at me like I am dumb. Just looking for an effective way to snag a job quickly with waitressing.

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    if you don't have any experience go to inexpensive casual restaurants like PF Chang, Friday's. Outback, etc ... local places along the same menu prices like nicer pizza joints or pubs that serve food are also good places to try. type your zip code into yelp, look for places in your area with two $$ by the price, and make a list. those are the places that aren't so cheap you can't make money but give you the best shot at getting hired. It helps if you know something about the restaurant and the food they serve, so do some research before you go. Going to places you actually like is a good plan. Being able to say you love the place is a killer line in an interview.

    go between 2pm and 4pm ... that's the lull during lunch and dinner and the time when they usually expect to take applications. if you go during the rush, they'll kick you right to the curb. don't call, go in person ... even if it's to follow up. in restaurant culture, calling about jobs is counted against you, but making the effort to come in person is counted in your favor.

    As an inexperienced server, managers want to know if you're friendly, alert, positive, adaptable, and able to think your feet. They want someone who is reliable ... shows up on time everytime, doesn't call in sick, doesn't ask to be sent home early, doesn't whine about doing their job. They want team players and a strong work ethic. They want people who understand that its a sales job as much as it is a customer service job. They want people who think it's important not to let people go home unhappy.

    Bring a pen. DO NOT ask for a pen. Sounds dumb, but I'm not kidding. One thing they will be almost subliminally watching you for is an innate sense of having your sh*t together. What's more, not having a pen is an egregious sin for servers.

    Fill out the application as thoroughly as possible. Be prepared to answer questions. Don't say anything bad about previous employers. When they ask you how much money you expect to make each week, don't say numbers bigger than 500. Once you have some experience you can work on getting a better gig, but for now, the big bucks aren't the priority.

    You probably won't get hired on your first, third, or even tenth try. There's a huge dogpile of people for each open position. Make a goal to hit 3 or 5 places a day. Don't give up. Don't take it personally. Learn something from each interview and apply it in your next one. If you really like a place or think you clicked well with one particular interview, stay on it. Persistence scores you points. Good hunting! :)

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    Eye contact,manners and say Hi to the other employees.

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