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Essay of no more than 1500 words on the following topic: Governance, Corruption & Conflict?

I must submit an essay of no more than 1,500 words on the following topic: "Governance, Corruption and Conflict". I seriously need help!! anything is appreciated!


Corruption often compromises the peace and stability of countries in transition. Corruption involves exploitation of power by those who wield it—people who, in their official position, exploit the power with which they are entrusted by seeking private gain, either economic (e.g., stealing money) or political (e.g., stealing votes). While corruption certainly is not the only factor responsible for the destabilization of a country, it weakens public confidence in actors involved in governance, particularly undermining the ability of government officials to prevent or quell conflicts. As Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary General, noted in his Foreword to the 2004 United Nations Convention Against Corruption, corruption diverts funds intended for development, undermines the ability of governments to provide basic services, feeds inequality and injustice, and discourages foreign aid and investment.

Some argue that corruption is a concept that is culturally determined and v

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    Large government (myriad departments and appointed officials) breeds corruption. The current U.S. administration is a model of what you are looking for. They created programs for special interests and targeted specific sectors (generally minorities) and rewarded them with tax monies in exchange for their support during election years. The recent trillion dollar "Stimulus Package" did this, but burdened future generations with tax debt to repay it. Check the names of recent congressmen/women (Rangel for one) who have either stepped down or are currently under indictment for their shameful financial activities. Let's not forget about how many on Obama's cabinet didn't pay taxes for years at a time as well. You should have more than enough info for your essay by simply researching these topics on the internet. Best of luck!

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    Here's my essay *blows rasberry*

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    seriously? research " illuminati " and you will be begging for more space to write

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