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What is the difference between medication give to dogs and medicine given to humans?

Just got back from the vet with my dog and noticed his pain medicine is the same i was given when i sprained my ankle...just curious lol

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    You'll be surprised to know that many medications prescribed for us are also prescribed for dogs. Tramadol, Prednisone, certain antibiotics, Clomipramine, Valium and Phenobarbital just to name a few. Usually the only difference is dosage or cost. I have heard people who get a prescription for said 'people medication' from their veterinarian, and fill it at a pharmacy under their pet's name!

    Just a few weeks ago I had to take some of my dogs' leftover antibiotics (Cephalexin) to clear up an ear infection. Worked like a charm, just like any other antibiotics :)

    *However*, there are so many people medications that should never be given to animals, so you should never assume that a medication is okay for your dog unless it was specifically prescribed by the vet.

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    Human Medicine For Dogs

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    Its just like any other medication. Some drugs can be given to both dogs and people; some are lethal to humans but okay for dogs; and some are okay for people and not for dogs.

    An example is that ibuprofen, tylenol, xylitol (think sugarless gum) and chocolate are ALL toxic for dogs but okay for people.

    However the dosing is significantly different- doses for animals are based on species and weight since a 2 pound chihuahua will need a LOT less of an antibiotic than the 150 pound German Shepherd.

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    We're two completely different animals. Sometimes medicines work for both humans and animals, but other times what works for humans will kill a dog. vice versa, what works for a dog might kill a human.

    Same with food. Dogs can eat a lot of the food humans do, but onions, grapes and chocolate are but a few things that can poison and kill a dog.

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    My dog was put on Phenobarbital today the tablet are a low dose but the same chemical is in them as human version, tbh i'm a total insomniac and tempted to take a few to sleep :)

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    Yes, there are SOME medications that are given to both dogs and humans. The difference is largely in the dosing. This does NOT mean that you should ever attempt to give your dog any medications without first consulting your veterinarian, nor should you attempt to take any medications that were prescribed for a pet.

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    Medications for animals, as opposed to humans, are dosed differently mostly based on things like size or weight.

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    A lot of it is dosage bot there are some meds that animals can be allergic to so vets have to change some of the meds for various animals.

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