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question about using

i was banned from demonoid 4 having 2 accounts (which i dont i have 1 and my roommate has 1) and have written 4 emails 2 them with no answers so im going 2 use instead but do i have 2 sign up using a different ip so they dont block that account also?

only answer if u know dont answer 2 not use the site or whatever other stupid things people say ...



ok the email they sent me said it was because of 2 accounts on the same ip so i know for a fact thats what it was and this happened like a week ago so i know that they do check for that type of thing

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    Demonoid doesn't ban for having multiple accounts on the same IP. Perhaps you or your roommate broke a rule and therefore both accounts were banned, but it wasn't because two accounts share the same IP.

    Also & are just alternate domains, it's still the same site. So by using a account on the same IP you were banned on could result in a ban or not. Demonoid is pretty lenient on things these days, so you had to of done something pretty bad to get yourself banned.

    ****EDIT**** In response to OP's edit.

    Actually you CAN have multiple accounts on the same IP address, you just can't create them on the same IP Address. So say you created your account on IP A, so your roommate can't create their account on IP A, but they can on IP B (let's say the library or a friends house) then they can go and use IP A along with yours without any hiccups. Proof is proved below.

    Also Demonoid won't email you if you've been banned. You could contact a moderator and possibly get this info, but they definitely wouldn't email it to you.

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    One user per IP Address or they will assume that it is the same person with 2 user names and that's against the rules.

    If you were to sign up from a different IP Address but in the future log in through the one that you use when you were banned, this would be flagged and you'd get the other IP Address banned too.

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