Microsites Gallery Page Off Main Website? Stupid Idea?

Site: b2b natural ingredients supplier

Site type: informational (not ecommerce)

So far I have this in mind:

Main Page

About us

Company TV (Youtube Page)

Ingredients of the month

Product catalog (flip book and link to downloadable PDF)

Landing Page Gallery (please see explanation below)



Contact Us

Even thought this site is B2B I want it to really stand out.

I'm really confused about how to have the Landing Page gallery defined in words. Basically, through the year we sometimes make microsites to spotlight certain ingredients or promotion, contest etc.

We usually e-blast the link and promote it in print ads. However, on our main site (intotherainforest.com) we currently have no link to them. I was thinking for our redesign to have a link to a microsites gallery. Is this a good idea? Is there a plugin or something that could be easily updates as we add new microsites/campaigns?

Thank you

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    There are pros and cons to adding a link from your Main site to the promo site and this decision should be taken based on the following conditions :

    1. If your promo landing page is just a lead generation campaign for your main business, then you should not link it with your main site. However, you can still have a link on your promo landing page directing people to your main site but not vice versa

    2. If your promo landing page is an extension of the main site and demonstrates certain features or advantages of a product usage or any kind of promotion, then you can link it from your main site

    Hope the above helps

  • agin
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    3 years ago

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