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Do you think prostitution should be legal?

I would never participate in it, but I do think it should be legal. If it were, there would be a lot fewer problems with STDS, rape, and assault, as prostitutes would have more rights regarding what they do, wouldn't be afraid to seek medical attention or file complaints, and wouldn't have to turn to pimps for "protection". Let's face it; legal or no, prostitution is going to continue to happen.

It's just ridiculous: the media constantly portrays women as sexual objects, yet a woman is not permitted to consentually exchange sex for money?

What are your thoughts? Thanks!

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    10 years ago
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    Absolutely, and if I was going to write a paper about why prostitution should be legalized I'd use the same arguments you did in my thesis statement. It’s the world’s oldest profession, and at times when unemployment spikes it becomes the only job some are able to find. There are a few women (and men) who willingly become prostitutes and genuinely enjoy aspects of their work, but most turn to prostitution out of stark desperation. The fact that it’s illegal and widely condemned by society makes prostitutes all the more vulnerable. In “Les Miserables” a fictional account of the harsh reality for how “lovely ladies” were treated then is portrayed when Fantine, jobless, penniless and desolate, sells her hair, her locket, and then her body in an attempt to get the money needed to take care of her child. When she defends herself against an abuser, Javert arrests her and lets the man go. The same scene is still being played all over the world. Men like Philip Markoff, the “Craigslist killer” who brutalized, robbed, and murdered young women he met through their ads for erotic services on the classified site, use the criminalization of prostitution as a way to exploit their victims. The police believe he attacked more women than he was charged for, but that the others were too afraid of possible ramifications to come forward. Had prostitution been legal, the very first woman he harmed could have notified the police without fear of punitiveness. At the very least prostitution should be decriminalized. I’m also in favor of decriminalizing polygamy for similar reasons.

    Prostitution will most likely be in existence until the end of time, and society will probably always condemn those who enter into it and stamp a scarlet P on their reputation. So legalizing it won’t make little girls dream of becoming prostitutes when they grow up, or allure young men and women into streetwalking. It makes sense from a humane, logical and economical perspective to legalize it. If prostitution was legalized it could be regulated like the adult entertainment industry is for the protection of all involved. I read an article in the LA Times recently about the strict requirements everyone who works in the San Fernando Valley based part of industry must adhere to such as regular blood tests from approved laboratories, and age verification. Most of the companies in the industry have a code of conduct similar to that of other businesses that forbid their workers from harassing one another, and provide benefits such as health insurance and 401 K. There’s even a credit union that caters to them. The article discussed how the recession coupled with the abundance of free porn available on the internet has drastically cut the demand for DVDs and other paid services, and the adult industry is suffering terribly. Some of those workers are probably now resorting to prostitution, and will not have the same safeguards in place with it as they did their former jobs.

    If prostitution is legalized it can be regulated, and if it’s regulated it can be taxed. Sex sells. Literally. And if it’s being sold it should be taxed just like everything else. People might be willing to get their porn for free online, but prostitutes can’t be downloaded. The countries that have legalized prostitution have discovered how profitable it can be to the tune of hundreds of millions per year. In Holland the government taxes, governs, and medically supervises the brothels, thus cutting down on the black market demand for prostitution, keeping people safer, and bringing in a lot of money. They also save a fortune on law enforcement since they don't have to spend their manpower and money hunting down and prosecuting prostitutes and those who solicit or use them. In Nevada brothel-related revenue comes from mundane sources such as property tax, licensing fees, and liquor licenses, and all the workers pay income taxes. Male prostitution just became legalized there this year, and the now legitimized brothels that have long catered to the demand for it are paying taxes. The tax revenue generated from legalized prostitution could be poured into the broken piggy banks that fund education. A better educated society leads to a more economically stable one, and when there are more desirable jobs available less people will resort to that particular profession.

    ~ take care : )

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    Yes, I am a teenage girl but I think it should.

    Women are beautiful, it is not wrong to admire their beauty. If the woman is comfortable with being a prostitute then I am all for it. However, I don't think it's right for women to be forced into being a prostitute here from poor areas and different countries, women to be abused by their pimps, and for women to get raped. All this stuff goes on in my opinion because prostitution is illegal. We make sex look like such a dirty and disgusting thing but, honestly, some people need it. I personally think that if we legalized prostitution it would over time be a safer and less dirty thing. If the girls were paid properly and had enough money, I don't think there would be as many of them in the streets and not as many would have std's that they pass along. I also think that the rape rates would decrease. I know this sounds bad but I do think it's a good idea, look at Amsterdam and Paris for example, sex is beautiful and healthy for the body. If it was legal, it would be in a safer environment. Just sayin.

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    It has been legal in certain barely-disguised forms for a very long time. Anytime someone requires a minimum level of wealth in order to marry someone or otherwise initiate or continue a sexual relationship, this is prostitution by definition. Even if the required price differs depending on the potential customer's other qualifications, this is irrelevant to the fundamental nature of the arrangement.

    Other, more honest forms of prostitution should be legalized for consistency.

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    Biblically, no. But I know you aren't talking about the bible.

    Open unlimited sex and sexual acts with anybody and everybody start with someone in an unhealthy emotional, physical, or mental state and will at some point start to affect the brain, the body and the emotions.

    I am pointing out, that financially desperate, maybe dirty with no morals, or low self-worth women become prostitutes.

    Low self-worth men, men with no morals, and men desperate for sexual release go to whore houses.

    If prostitution was legal, it would encourage the younger people, as they don't know what life is about totally yet, and think that if something is legal it is ok. (It being illegal now does give it the "bad" connotation so generally, normal healthy people are less likely to take part in it.) Sex spreads like wildfire, there is nothing quite like it; if we do not control our own sexual lust, we will not be capable control anything else, seeing sex is our greatest weakness. Things also change quite fast; remember what it used to be like for gay people?? And if our children see prostitution is ok, the lust will spread and they will become slaves to their own lust, and not mean to, yet not know better.

    I am sure that two or three generations exposed to such sexual freedom (it would spread to everyone eventually, starting with the youth and as they grow older) would end up warped and scarred. It would bring all people down to the level of the unfortunate people who use and become prostitutes. It is not often that a healthy happy person with good relationships and a healthy life will go to a whore house..

    Some people have pointed out the benefits of dis attaching the criminal disadvantages of prostitution being illegal, and these are true, but I think many mature people do understand how sexual immorality will destroy the human race.

    Lack of sexual control = lack of total control = anything goes = we slowly destroy ourselves with our own weaknesses instead of controlling ourselves.

    That is my thoughts, I trust people will be reasonable in reading my point of view with a decent and open minded attitude :)

    Source(s): Purely my personal opinion. :)
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I would be fine with prostitution so long as it has common sense regulations. Required checkups and STD tests for the employee and client. Required use of birth control and condoms. A building with rooms provided. Age limitations (18 or older only). And others.

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    yes. i think they should have to apply for the job like anyone would apply for any other job... get drug tested and tested for STD's regularly and that they should sign a waver stating that they understand that they are taking a risk of contracting STD's and be made to receive a paycheck and pay taxes like everyone else...

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    sass in RSA prosies were illegal due to the fact that the income and taxes would not benefit the country's economy. But there are backstreet prosies are available

  • Anonymous
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    Yes. they are just trying not to starve to death. Its only because they are poor or never got a good education

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    It's a tough issue but dating a woman is prostitution anyway. You PAY for her meal, PAY for the entertainment, then have sex (but not before buying her flowers). It's money for sex with a middle-man.

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