Looking to add a gas additive to help in helping improving my miles per gallon?

Three products considering are 1. Lucas Fuel Treatment vs 2. STP Gas Treatment vs

3. Marvel Mystery Oil

Which would you recommend?

What other benefits will it provide?

Most popular and best rated?

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    I have never found a marked improvement in MPG's using any fuel additive. They tend to be either system cleaners or octane boosters.

    If you want better fuel economy, inflate the tires over the pressures posted on the door by two to three pounds (and more then that and tire ware increases and handling suffers). Invest in new spark plugs and air filter. Drop down to the lowest weight of oil allowed in the owners manual. Use less throttle and lift the foot on it sooner when you need to slow down, or think you will have to stop. Lighten the load in the car. If you can, locate a good set of aftermarket exhaust header/s and a low restriction catalytic. Install a air dam on the front and a modest deck extension on the back. Do not confuse a deck extension with a spoiler or wing!

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    1 decade ago

    They are all pretty good. I prefer the STP and its been effective, but I also found that just buying the more expensive gas got better gas mileage the all three choices. What some of those choices do is clean some deposits inside the engine to give it a little more pep as well as high octane level.

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    When it comes to gas millage you pretty well are going to get what you have in terms of what type of vehicle you are driving. Keep it tuned up and tire pressures correct but it's mainly going to depend on the engine size and weight. You might improve millage a mile or two but that's not a big deal. The only way to really increase millage substantially it to trade it off on a fuel efficient car.

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    1 decade ago

    those treatment is mix to fuel to lubricate or clean the injector nozzles.

    when mix with fuel and fuel then goes to nozzles, it removes/melts any gums accumulated by the nozzles from the fuel that runs on it..

    it will give a little improvement in injector nozzles fuel delivery to the engine and it will make you think it works well and and you are saving gas,

    but in reality, the nozzles is just again spraying/delivering the suppose amount of fuel as how it is designed and calibrated.

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  • 1 decade ago

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