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Question about ABEC 7 bearings?

ok i quit skateboarding for about 2 years now im getting back into it im going to be buying a new board and it has ABEC 7 bearings is that too fast?

im a decent skateboarder.

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    1) ABEC numbers have nothing to do with speed of the bearings. It is an industrial standard to limit vibration in machines at speeds that would be equivalent to about 200 mph on your board.

    2) The difference in speeds between most bearings is much less than between different wheels. Some cheap bearings are packed (rather than just a little) with a heavy grease and will be sluggish for a hundred miles or so. They can be made to roll about as well as more expensive bearings by washing out the grease and putting a normal amount of lube in them.

    3) How would anyone that has no clue about your skill know what is too fast for you?

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