Why Alice cannot foresee newborns?

I watched Eclipse and just wondering why Alice cannot foresee Riley and other newborns future??


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  • 10 years ago
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    Alice can only see newborns when there is a decision made of them... that's why she couldn't see why they are coming in Forks and why they are after Bella... because Victoria knew about Alice's gift (foreseeing) and so she made Riley to make decision but she was behind all... she provoked Riley to make an army to kill Cullens but she was actually after Bella... she knew if Riley and army go after Bella then Cullens will stop them and will be distracted so that she can easily kill Bella... but she never guessed before that Edward will not be fighting and protecting Bella... So Alice only saw Riley is bringing a newborn army after Bella but she couldn't see that Victoria is after it... I hope you got the whole thing... :)

    Source(s): Eclipse book and movie and www.stepheniemeyer.com
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