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why does 10-0=10, but 0/10=0? explain.?

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    0/10 is a way of saying that you have 0 tenths. So if you have no tenths, you have nothing or zero.

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    10 - 0 is like having $10 in your pocket and taking away $0, you will still have $10, 10-0 =10

    x/10 is dividing x into 10 equal parts and taking one of the parts.

    If x=0 all the parts will be 0.

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    10-0=10 because 0 is the additive identity. To define arithmetic addition, an 'identity' which has no effect on the original value needs to also be defined.

    0/10 = 0 because of the way we define multiplication and division. any number multiplied by 0 is equal to 0, and zero divided by any number is also zero.

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    well 10 minus 0 equals 10 easy.

    but trying to divide 0 into 10 bits isnt possible so it equals 0 since 0 cannot be divided

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    Any number subtracted by 0 is equal the number subtracted by 0.


    aNy number where 0 is the numerator the and th denominator is an integer will always be equal to 0..//

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    Why should it not?

    Basic rules are :-

    (i) a - 0 = a---------where a is any number

    (ii) 0/b = 0 ----------where b is any number apart from 0

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    You are presenting a problem in problem solving, not a math problem.

    You have stated two things that are true, but have nothing in common logically. Using this logic, you could say:

    Obama was a great college professor, but a terrible president. Explain.


    My car is red, but this apple is green. Explain.

    Source(s): See "Fallacy of Composition" in
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    because dividing by zero ends the universe.

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