swimming - muscles and length of workout?

So I recently started swimming because I'm recovering from two torn labrums (in both of my shoulders). I'm slightly overweight but I have a strong athletic background in wresting and football, and I wanted to know a couple things:

1) which muscles does each style of swimming target?

2) how long (in laps) in considered a good workout for a athletic body that wasn't on a swim team?


(and each lap back and forth is 50 yards)

Update 2:

Thanks but I was really wondering which muscle groups each style of swimming specifically targeted. As for your workout, damn! That's crazy! I don't think I could get anywhere close to that!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Damn, I didn't know swimming required breastwork. LMAO.

    I just looked up torn labrums and found out that you are talking about torn rotator cuffs. Rotator cuff injuries are probably the most common swimming injury out there. Please talk to your physical therapist before starting a swimming regimen. The crawl, butterfly, and backstroke (inverted crawl) all put a tremendous strain on the shoulders. The breaststroke is a quite a bit less demanding to the joint.

    Swimming exercises virtually every muscle in the body, and it isn't going to vary much by stroke. I don't think you should worry about how far is necessary to attain the muscle development you think you want. If you want muscles, hit the weights. Start with what you're capable of and increase it as you're able.

  • 4 years ago

    NO NO NO!! WAYYY WRONG! high amount of reps with a low weight for example 15kg x 25 reps...this will jst tone your muscle, like women do at the gym, who just want to get skinnier and toned. You want to get a bit more bulkier? More stronger and defined? You got to use high weights and low reps like 30kg+ x 10 reps! I have no idea where you got that but that is totally wrong! Cardio is really important, running, cycling and swimming are the best. Do cardio before you workout your muscles, because it warms them up first and you will feel less lactic acid in your muscles...OUCH! Do a full workout each time but do it every other day so your muscles can rest and grow!

  • 9 years ago

    1) Ok so, the four stokes are Butterfly, Backstroke, Breastwork, and Freestyle. I have to tell you swimming targets all your muscles. Think about it, your arm, shoulders, and back from just moving your arms, abs from staying afloat and each stoke itself, your mouth and head for breathing, your legs, feet, and hips for kicking!!!! So each stoke targets all!!! AND of course all your organs and your heart.

    2) For this question its hard to answer but I swim on a swim team and yesterday we swam 6,550 yards in 2 hours........Thats a lot to swim!! So thats my workout 3 times a week. Of course i have been doing it for a while.

    Hope I help :)

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