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Looking for some crust punk?

This form of punk intrigues me. A genre of music that blends extreme metal and hardcore punk. But where do I start? I have no clue what albums/bands I should go listen to.

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    Some great crust bands and some of their releases would be:

    Destroy ~ Burn This Racist System Down

    His Hero is Gone ~ 15 Counts of Arson

    Doom ~ Police B*stard 7" and also the Doom ~ Hail to Sweden 7"

    Disrupt ~ Refuse Planet

    Skitsystem ~ Grå Värld / Svarta Tankar

    Aus Rotten ~ F*ck Nazi Sympathy

    All of that stuff should be easy enough to find in any decent record store and certainly easy to find online.

    You can check out most of the catalogue of Profane Existence records as well as Havoc records ( which was founded by Felix of Destroy/Code 13. While not all releases on both of the afformentioned labels are "crust" many of the bands on both labels skirt the sound.


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    Among the early crust punk bands in the 80s were Amebix and Antisect (they did one album called In Darkness There Is No Choice - more at the punk end of the genre).

    Extinction Of Mankind is another well known UK crust punk band.

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    here you go some hardcore/crust punk


    Punk Illegal



    Future Ruins

    Extinction Of Mankind

    Punk Attack



    Instinct of Survival

    Fall of Efrafa

    Behind Enemy Lines



    Madame Germen

    Visions of War




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    I'd check out Extreme Noise Terror's Peel Sessions.

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  • Aus Rotten are pretty good. amebix, toxic narcotic are bands to check out as well.

    also, Choking Victim and Leftover Crack are a mix between crust, ska, thrash and punk so you might like them.

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