Robert Greene and Shakespeare?

What did Greene meant when he called Shakespeare an "Upstart Crow" and how did Greene feel about Shakespeare was he jealous or did he despise him? And a side question what did Christopher Marlowe feel about Shakespeare? your answer will be appreciated...thank you.

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    Greene was a bitter old man, he was jealous of and wrote hateful things about most of the young and famous playwrights of the time. His "upstart crow" piece is significant mostly because it provides evidence of Shakespeare's rise to prominence. Greene was university educated member of upper society, he definitely was of a higher class than Shakespeare. By calling him an "upstart" he is implying Shakespeare has risen to a new socioeconomic level but lacks the social skills of this new position. "Crow" implies a scavenger that steals from others and "to crow" is to boast.

    Shakespeare was greatly influenced by Marlowe. Some argue he stole from Marlowe, some argue Marlowe is Shakespeare. Little is known regarding Marlowe's opinion of him.

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