What are your thoughts on Nate Campbell retiring? Plus a controversial boxing question.?

March 8, 2008

Juan Diaz vs. Nate Campbell

Lightweight Unification Title Fight

BQ:] 2 years ago when Juan Diaz faced off with Nate Campbell in their unification

Lightweight title fight after the fight, Juan Diaz who lost the fight made a claim he

sent a message to all of his fans on Myspace. I was not the only person who got

a message Diaz claimed that Don King had set him up to lose in Cancun, Mexico

because all of the boxing commissions are corrupt in Mexico. Juan Diaz also did

say in the message that he thought Nate Campbell took PED's and was not even

tested by the officials in Mexico and he thought this was all a set up because he

this was his last fight with Don King and he would be leaving him to work for a new

boxing promotion which is currently Golden Boy Promotions. Nate Campbell 2-2-1

in his last fights couldn't even get past Walter Estrada 37-13-1 with very mediocre

boxing record. Yuriorkis Gamboa knocked this guy out in the very first round what

are your thoughts on this topic I know we always talk about Pacman-Mayweather

I'm not trying to cause any trouble here. I along with 1,000 of his other supporters

on Myspace.com got this message so, I wasn't the only person who received it?

Bonus Question:] Where does Juan Diaz go at this point he should be (1-4) in his

last five fights if they would of have given Paul Malignaggi the win. If Marquez does

decide to move up to Junior Welterweight can Juan Diaz be the Lightweight Champ

at this division soon in the near future?


Juan Diaz did send me that message and I can copy and paste the message. I'm sure that Diaz

did want everyone to know this all of his fans.

Update 2:

@ STICK AND MOVE I don't know bro the fight looked very one sided and Nate Campbell look to have an extra burst of energy all night long and the fact that neither took a post fight drug test it even makes it look more suspicious. I was going for Diaz because he's the best well known fighter from

the state of texas I just think the fight was fixed

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  • 9 years ago
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    Firstly, I am glad Campbell is retiring. His age has clearly gotten to him, and he hasn't looked good in any of his recent fights starting with Bradley, Ortiz, and then Estrada. I respect him a lot because he came up in the game the hard way, started at a very late age, and would fight any fighter around.

    Secondly, I read a small article in The Ring magazine about how Diaz and his camp filed to get the Campbell fight changed to a no-contest because neither fighter took a drug test afterwards. I don't believe Don King set it up so Diaz would lose, and I don't think that Campbell used any form of illegal drugs. He was a very good fighter at that time, and was an underdog going into the fight, but a very live underdog according to most Boxing experts and fans. He was a big puncher, who was passionate, versatile, and had good volume punching. He outhustled and cut Diaz during the fight, and Diaz folded after he was cut. In a nutshell, Campbell just outmanned Diaz. In fact, Campbell almost got screwed because one of the judges had Diaz winning the fight, when it seemed pretty clear that Campbell had won.

    BQ:] I'm not sure how long Diaz will be around. I know he wants to go to school and become a lawyer, but I'm sure he still wants to fight a few times before making the decision to retire. I think he should fight Rocky Juarez, they are both from Houston and coming off losses. It would draw a good crowd and money in Houston, and it's a fight Diaz could definitely win. Or maybe he could fight Jason Litzau, that would also be a good fight that I'm sure HBO would pay for. If Marquez were to move up, I think Diaz could win the title again but it would be difficult. Let's say Marquez did move up and Diaz gets a good win to get the shot at his vacant belt. It would be against Robert Guerrero, who I personally don't like very much but would still have to favor over Diaz. It should be interesting to see what Diaz decides to do. He is still a capable fighter, but has clearly lost something and isn't the fighter he once was just like Campbell isn't anymore. Diaz definitely has more left than Campbell though, just to clarify.

    EDIT: I agree that it became one-sided halfway through the fight, and that Campbell was fresh the entire time. But, the reason I think that happened is because when Diaz got that very bad cut, he completely lost faith and was not doing anything to keep Campbell off of him or fight back. Nate saw blood and it enabled him to go after Diaz until the final bell without retaliation. I think it's plausible he may have been on something illegal, especially because neither took a test. But from watching Campbell's performances prior to that fight, I knew he was capable of going hard for 12 rounds, and personally don't think he was on anything. We'll never know though.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Great question and very well written. I like both fighters on Campbell I don't know what happen to him it seems he would rather argue than fight and try to find away out of a fight. For someone to work as hard as Campbell has to get to the top it just seems to me that he just quit. Diaz is a very like able person and I love his in your face style of fighting but after getting knocked out for the first time he has not been the same and he will not be the same which is a shame. I don't think that he will ever gain another world title shot if he does he will lose that ko lose took the starch out of him have seen this happen manny times to fighters I can't explain it but I know it is a mind thing. I hope Diaz finishes school in the long run he will make a great living for him self. One more thing fighters and degrees don't go together.

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  • 3 years ago

    Anyone that Floyd is of the same opinion to combat from this factor of his profession on goes to be too small. If he does ever combat a REAL welterweight once more it's going to be a B magnificence fighter at great. I desire everybody bought to look his record of advantage competitors he is considering combating...it involves global magnificence warring parties like Matthew Hatton. I honestly like Campbell plenty, he is one in every of my favourite warring parties, however I do not feel he'll be a lot of a hazard to Floyd. Campbell JUST moved as much as junior welter for his combat with Bradley, and earlier than the combat bought referred to as it wasn't watching well at excited by Nate. Regarding the remark of Floyd pronouncing he would possibly not combat Shane considering that he is not a PPV fighter, that is simply a further some of the numerous contradictary comments he is made. Kind of like how he is stated earlier than that he did not have to combat distinct warring parties considering that they have got four or five losses, then he is going and fights Marquez, who had four losses (and was once a lot smaller). Or how approximately him pronouncing that his PPV numbers with Marquez were not as well as Pacquiao's considering that Marquez is not a PPV appeal - a pair months previous he was once speakme approximately how Marquez has a entire nation at the back of him. AND the combat was once at the Mexican Independence Day weekend (it will have to were previous however tickets were not promoting so Floyd got here up along with his "harm" to put off the combat to a extra trendy date).

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