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Would you ever give your pet to a better home?

My cat Molly has lived with my parents for the last couple of months. I moved in with them while i had re-constructive knee surgery over the summer, so she and Remi came with me. My mom really bonded with Molly, and her older cat is 16 and on the way out. Molly also keeps her male cat (ANOTHER cat they abducted from me!) occupied- they're two peas in a pod, they play with each other all the time. I miss my kitty, but my mom really has bonded with her, loves her, takes wonderful care of her, and I think it's going to soften the blow a little when her older cat dies (though it's still going to be tough on all of us). Molly seems happy, too. Part of me wants her back, but another part of me knows its better that she's there.

I know this is the dog section, but I know a lot of the regulars here put a lot of thought into their answers and this applies to dogs, too.

I generally think it's better that the animal have a good living situation. I've given up a foster GSP I loved because it was a better home. People who have fostered can probably understand this situation, its never easy.

Would you, or have you, ever give up a pet to a better situation? Why and when?


Echo- I've given up two cats two my parents, because they provided a good home. I provided a good home, so i adopted them, but so did they. I don't compulsively adopt, if thats what you're getting at :-) The foster was a GSP, and the home had a ton of land and another pointer- better than even the most well meaning apartment, wouldn't you say?

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* woops, too!

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    That's a really tough one because I don't think anyone could give my animals a better home...nobody! Now if it were a situation where I was unable to care for them or a medical reason I couldn't care for them it would kill me but I would not keep them selfishly. It would be very hard for me to find that "better" home but I would be relentless in doing so to make sure my animals got the very best. I don't foster because I would keep them all.....I hold a high regard to those that can. I do and have adopted and do rescue but I only keep what will be with me for a lifetime. I'm a forever home :)

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    It's always best to put the animal's needs first. If your cat is happier with your mom, then she should probably be there. My question is this though, what is it about your own home where you've given up three pets because they found better homes and why do you keep adopting as a result. And would your cat miss you??

    I did give up a dog with extreme separation anxiety and high prey drive once. I had recently adopted the dog and no one (the shelter included) were aware of the problem. We were working on the separation anxiety (though it was difficult with both people in the house working) when this dog injured my cat. For the best of both the dog and my cat, we returned the dog to the shelter, who rehomed it to a place with someone who was home more and did not have cats. We had another dog at the time and we found a more suitable companion for our family shortly thereafter.

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    My brother was the one who brought home the creepy crawlies. I brought home a friend who my mom dubbed a girl looser than a door missing it's hinges. She was really a strange gal. She ended up having three kids out of wed lock, her own mother said she never knew what color baby would pop out next. The neighborhood was less than kind to her. Her mother and family ended up raising her kids cause she ended up in jail. She and one of her '' boyfriends'' stole a car and went on a robbing spree of some sort. She is probably sitting, rotting away in some jail or dead. I know she wasn't a good person. but I think she clung onto me because she felt no one else cared about her. Her dad deserted their family and her mom worked and did the best she could. Her older brother was student body president in high school, Why she was the way she was I had no idea. The last I heard she served time, paroled got mixed up in more crime and had delivered another child in prison. All her kids would be grown with a granny in jail. What a legacy.

  • In your situation, it wouldn't be so bad if you did indeed decide to give Molly up to your mum. At least you know you can visit her at any time to see how she is doing.

    I don't know what I would do, as I've never thought about it. I guess if a family member or close friend could offer my pet a better home than I could, then yes I would consider it. But until such a time comes where I could no longer care for my pets, they are staying right here with me.

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    I have rehomed a few animals over the years....

    An Aussie mix I found who had strong herding instincts, and who badgered the horses..... I found someone who bred Aussies and trained them to herd, so the dog could have a proper outlet for her drives.

    A cat that was totally passive and would allow my toddler to physically throw him....he would not run from her or meow for help, so I found him a safer place to live.

    A JRT I brought home from the pound when I was doing Sheltie rescue....he needed more attention than I could give him, so I found him a home with a family, where someone was home all day.

    I dont have a problem with it at all. And many times **I** have been the better home for someone elses pet. :o)

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    I would give up a pet for a better life for them and in fact I have.

    It was last year I had to give away my tortoise. I know it sounds stupid getting rid of a tortoise but I owned him for 5 years and then my parents gave him away. We were having financial problems and family problems. My parents were in the middle of a divorce and what made it worse was my ferret had just died from cancer. So they gave my tortoise to my aunt and uncle. I got him for a birthday present and I had to give him away. Afterwards when my parents decided to get back together and we gained more money I went to ask my reletives if I could have him back, but they said no, it made me sad but then I thought maybe he was in a better home. A home that would take care of him.

    Hope that answers your questions, I don't know if that will help with your decisions on that though.

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    I gave my mum's friend my horse because I couldn't handle him, very recently actually. She gave me one of horses because she knew she'd do better in a home where she'd get more attention. She's VERY people oriented, I look out the door and she's at my veranda waiting for me to come out. I do miss my old horse but sometimes being a pet owner means putting what's best for the animal first, regardless of what you want. Plus, it's not really safe for me to be riding a horse that walks all over me and I can't control.

  • i have been in this situation before where i had to give up my bulldog

    and it looked liked she should have been in a commercial

    anyways its going to be hard on you the dog and the next person

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    All of my pets now have a fantastic home, so no I'd never give them up.

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    if it would have a better life than no thought.

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