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thinking about getting a bunny?

so im thinking about getting a bunny i want to know all that is involved so i know i can handle one.

Im sixteen and have had guinea pig and a gerbil.

What would be the daily routine with a bunny considering i would be at school from seven till around four. I also plan to give it free roam of my room when i get home.

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  • Shelby
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    First thing: Make sure that your room is rabbit-proofed. This means that no electrical cords should be left where your pet could get to them, and there should be nothing that it could get stuck under. I don't know much about bunnies, but here's a link:

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    First thing is to make sure that your room is bunny-proof

    check every corner of your room that there is no small things that the bunny might accidently eat...

    oh yeah, always keep your room clean, the rabbit might also get himself all dirty with dust,and he will clean itself,BUT he will just eat all the dust that was on his fur, therefore, he might have intestine problems.

    give it enough hay so that he will have enough fibre, it is very important for a rabbit.A rabbit that does not get enough hay might have fecal problems, don't give it too much food pellets, you can also give it some weed in your garden ! but don' give it clover,anemonies,deadly nightshade,and ine!

    it is deadly to a rabbit.the information about the flowers that cannot be eaten by rabbits i read it from a book.

    The Last Thing, give it lots of attention and love,it is really its ear,or gently scratch it

    the rabbit will love it!

    well , hope this help, good luck with your rabbit!

    Source(s): owner of a rabbit
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  • 9 years ago

    As stated before, rabbit proof is very important. In my room [Where my rabbit runs around] I have my bed and a dresser blocking one corner of my room where I keep all my wires, obviously I still have to stay in the room at all times to keep an eye on her, but it's helpful.

    They're easy enough to take care of, when they're babies you give them free feed pellets and alfalpha hay, and a water bottle, water bowls aren't very healthy for them. You should keep there hay in some soft of hay rack cause they tend to be quite messy.

    Things you'll need-

    A small litter box to fit in one corner of the cage [Yes, they can be litter trained and I suggest you teach yours if you end up getting one, so much easyer to clean]

    And paper bedding is healthyer for them then shavings.

    Dry Rabbit Pelts, Guinea pig pellets aren't as good for them.

    Food Bowl


    Hay Rack

    Water Bottle

    Clean cardboard boxes for them to chew and hide in, other rabbit toys from pet store.

    Rabbit deoderorizer if you're worried about the smell [Read instructions on back]

    Towels for the bottom of their cage [Or more paper bedding]

    Animal nail trimmers [Cat nail trimmers work well] You'll need to trim it's nails once a month, have the vet show you how.

    Flea comb / brush, and also a normal soft haired rabbit brush.

    Salt and Mineral lick [To make sure they keep up their health]

    Rabbit safe chew toys from the pet store.

    And that's about it. When she / he is one year old you switch their diet to twice a day, For you, 6:30 am and 6:30 pm would probably be best.

    Oh, and make sure you learn there personallity.For example, I know Rascal loves to chew things and jump onto my bed to climb onto me, tottaly loves eatting apples and nuts. So, I know she'd probably be sick or injured if she started acting weird [Rabbits don't show pain or sickness much so you have to rely on personallity]

    So pretty much, daily routen is easy enough.

    Refill water bottle in the morning and at night, depending how much they drink and stuff

    Refill Hay

    Feed [For adults a small handful twice a day as stated above, for babies, free feed]

    Clean out cage once a day.

    Make sure they have chew toys

    Once you get home maybe you could let them run around while your doing homework? Keep an eye on them, they love to chew.

    Brush, depending the breed they may only need to be brushed once a week. Never try yanking out hair

    Health check for stuffed noses, runny eyes, runny nose, anything like that, can all be very dangerous to your rabbit

    And that's pretty much it ^^

    Oh, treats they like, carrots, and apples, for my rabbit. Ask your vet what kind of fruits and veggies are healthy. Lettuce for example, isn't healthy for rabbits.

    And only small amounts, like, a slice of apple or a few baby carrots.

    Store bought rabbit treats, Things with "Fruit" "Nuts" "Honey" are things my rabbit loves, try differnt things out for yours. Feeding them treats by hand really helps them trust you more

    Hope I helped

    Edit- Oh~ I forgot something on the supplys list. You should make sure you keep cornstarch somewhere in the house. Sometimes, when cutting your rabbits nails they will squirm and cause you to cut to deep and rabbits tend to bleed a lot, the best way to help them is get a bit of a bowl of corn starch and put their bleeding nail against it, the cornstarch will clot the blood by thickening it intill the wound clots by it'self, and it's tottaly not harmful for them- was suggested to me by my vet.

    Source(s): 5 year owner of Rascal, my bunny. She's never been sick.
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