Where can i buy cute baby bows and clothes at?

My friend has 3 girls ages: 9 months, 6 years, and 7 years.

I keep them alot and i like to dress them cute when they are with me..and im also expecting a girl so i was wondering if there are any moms on here who like the same and where do you buy your bows and clothes at.

The youngest girl wears 6-9 months clothes and the two older girls wear 4-8 in girl clothes

And i like BIG PRETTY bows.

i was just hoping someone could give me some websites that have bows and stuff for little girls..



And i like flowers and stuff like that.....and Zebra print

I have not been able to find any Zebra print clothes for the girls....

Update 2:

@ Un World Life: THANK YOU! I love them so much!! I love love love the headband!!

Update 3:

@ NewMomma:thank you so much i like Etsy.com better than Amazon.com.

they are prefect!!!

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    It all depends on their hair. I bought loads of bows before my daughter was born and, wouldn't you know, she still has super fine hair and almost everything falls out. When she was a baby up until about one and a half she couldn't keep anything in her hair at all, she didn't have much anyway, even now at 2.5 she can only keep them in if I elastic band the hair first.

    Walmart actually has the best elastics IMO. It's like $2.99 for 100+ teeny tiny elastics and they come in a great little case and last forever. Sometimes you can find good basics or random bows there too, the kind covered in ribbon or the plastic clip kind. I also like them for those metal clips, you can buy loads, cuz they lose a lot of them, and the metal parts have a good no-slippy type grip.

    I like Gymboree's corkers, those are the one's that have a bunch of curly cues on a barrette.

    As for original or special occasion bows, try Etsy.com. Love that site and tons of people make baby bows, clips, headbands in all shapes and sizes. You can find anything there, and if not, I bet if you find someone whose work you like, you could contact them and see if they would make something specific (zebra fabric etc.)

    ETA: Forgot about the clothes part... Zebra fabric was kind of big last year and the year before -- I haven't seen much out there this year. I was in Crazy 8 recently and saw a few things that had zebra stuff on them, but I think they were all clearance things so finding matching things might be difficult. You could always check Ebay as Gymboree had a huge zebra line in the past.

    The major mainstream clothing retailers (not boutiques like Hanna Anderson or Oillily) that will carry lines for infants through older girls, other than regular dept. stores like Target, are Gap, Janie & Jack, Gymboree, Crazy 8, The Children's Place, Pumpkin Patch and Old Navy.

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    i'm in love with 2nd hand consignment shops basically for toddlers - i particularly are transforming into some extremely lovable themes for my young ones, super call manufacturers and actually a fraction of the cost - basically very final week I picked up a lovable toddler piece Gymboree outfit for my son - paid 2 funds - gave the effects of variety new. stumbled on the matching socks for 50 cents too.

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    I bought my daughter some darling bows from Etsy.com. They are soooo cute. All handmade. There are actually some really pretty little handmade dresses on there as well.

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    i'm in love with 2d hand consignment shops in basic terms for toddlers - i even have become some relatively amazing themes for my toddlers, great call manufacturers and actually a fraction of the cost - in basic terms very final week I picked up a stunning infant piece Gymboree outfit for my son - paid 2 funds - gave the impact of sort new. stumbled on the matching socks for fifty cents too.

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    baby gap is a great place to get bows and other accessories for babys or kids gap hope i could help

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