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Was Reagan the worst President in American history?

everything wrong in America and the world can be attributed to Reagan's administration

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    - Reagan presided over the wholesale dismantling of our industrial infrastructure for short term profits for the very wealthy, who were already making record profits, and to destroy the unions. Millions of people were thrown out of work, and the remaining workers were told to work twice as hard. Our productivity increased +45%, but wages for working people remained frozen. We were encouraged to borrow money until household debt was nearly 100% of GDP. Personal bankruptcies went up +610%. Incarcerations went up +355%. Anti-Depressants went up +305%. Health care costs went up +78%. The ratio of CEO pay to worker pay went up +649%.

    - With Reagan, Republicans wasted no time in giving the rich a big wet kiss by shifting the tax burden (once 90% under that Socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower) to the middle class. A large number of tax loopholes were written into the tax code that catered to special corporate interests. Reagan’s next move was to bust unions, and stagnate wages while simultaneously increasing credit to give the illusion of wealth.

    - "Tinkle-Down" worked exactly as intended, to benefit the wealthiest at the expense of working class Americans. It increased economic inequality and shifted most of America's wealth to the top.

    - One of Reagan’s last pieces of the recipe for oligarchy was to deregulate the media. Reagan did away with media ownership laws as well as the Fairness Doctrine. As a result, our media has shrunk from ownership by thousands to 6 companies owning almost all of it – that’s six people telling you what’s what, and blocking out arguments. The airwaves were then flooded with pro-corporate, anti-worker Republican propaganda to keep the people stupid enough to vote Republican.

    - Inequality grew by leaps and bounds under Reagan.

    - Reagan raised taxes on the middle class six times -- twice in 1982 (including the largest peacetime tax increase in American history), them again in 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1987. In spite of all those tax hikes, Reagan didn't grow his way out of the deficits caused by his 1981 tax cut.

    - As president, Reagan expanded the federal government by about 90%. Reagan allowed the welfare state to enlarge and the military budget to explode causing monstrous budget deficits and government growth that dwarfs government growth under Clinton, even when Clinton had a Democratic Congress. The number of federal workers rose 61,000 under Reagan, as opposed to Clinton who cut 373,000 jobs.

    - Reagan also bombed Libya, put the "war" in War on Drugs, allowed the continuation of Selective Service registration (despite his campaign promise to end it), helped the Khmer Rouge terrorize Thailand, imposed brutal trade sanctions on Nicaragua, funded the murderous brutal Contras, sold missiles to Iran, gave assistance to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, and lied to the American people.

    - The foreign policy of Ronald Reagan did more to impoverish and kill the poor and helpless humans of the world than any world leader before or since - with the possible exception of GWB. He was going to defeat communism (which was already falling of its own weight) and he didn't care how many children were burned alive or how many people starved to death on the way.

    - It took an eighth tax hike from George Bush Sr. in 1989, a ninth in 1990, a tenth from Bill Clinton in 1993, and then another economic boom to erase Reagan’s deficit. Sure, a strong economy helped, but without all those tax increases the deficit would never have disappeared.

    -Reagan increased unemployment from 7% to 11% in his first three years. The unemployment rate did not get better until his fourth year.

    - Reagan taxed the wealthy at 50%. (Governing to the right of Reagan, Obama taxes the wealthy at 35%.)

    - The practice of rewarding incompetent cronies with gigantic useless contracts for unneeded military hardware was elevated to art form under Reagan. Reagan's legendary megalomania, hubris and abject ignorance led him to believe the tales of any crackpot who managed to slither past the goons who comprised his inner circle. Star wars missiles, atomic shields, space-age death rays, you name , he would fall for it and blow billions of your tax dollars on it.

    - Ideologically, he was a hater and an imperialist and far-right loony-tune. He hated the poor. He hated gays. He hated leftists. He hated communists - and he was pretty sure you were one if you disagreed with him. He never met a social program he didn't scorn. He never met an American in need he wanted to help. His response to the AIDS epidemic is one of the most sickening cold-blooded expressions of pure murderous political evil in the history of the earth.

    - Then there was Iran-Contra, the infamous orgy of unfettered criminality at the heart of the Reagan legacy. Look it up. Rogues, liars, crooks, murderers and ignorant heartless scum surrounded Reagan at all times.


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    No, when business prospers the people prosper. It has been proven. When Regan took office unemployment was at 20%, and that is what the media admitted to. Business created 19 million jobs under his administration. You could walk down any main street in America and find a job within hours, I don't see that happening under liberal administrations. Regan forced freeloaders to get off their butts and earn their keep. Liberals want laborers to support freeloaders. Regan refused to cut spending where veterans and S.S. recipients were concerned, liberals cut those programs so they can buy votes from welfare recipients and illegals. As far as AIDS go, the liberals were trying to hide the fact that it originated through homosexuality and spread to heterosexuals and drug users through the blood or sexual contact. Just like liberals try to hide the fact that gonorrhea is a disease that originated through homosexuality and spread to heterosexuals through sexual contact. This is why Regan did not support AIDS funding. Everything else is opinion, not fact.

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    Reagan is not even close to being the worst President of all-time. That dishonor goes to Woodrow Wilson. He was the the President who gave us the Federal Reserve and the IRS. He was also a fascist President who had dissenters arrested and got us involved in WWI.

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    He proved that reducing taxes across the board opens the floodgates on our economy.

    During the Reagan years, we spent like drunken sailors, especially on the military. Clinton was able to balance the budget because he enjoyed the Reagan economy with a defense budget cut in half.

    We were still enjoying the Reagan economy when Bush took office. We went into a recession in 2000-2001 because of the bust and corporate ethics problems (like Enron).

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    Reagan created 20 millions new job and fixed what Carter did to us.

    Reagan lowered interest rates, unemployment

    Reagan was unable to Line Item Veto power to stop the congress from spending

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    We are currently under the administration of the worst president in US history

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    Ronald R. was a legendary President of the United States, in his own mind; but he

    was far from the worst.

    There's only one who could be -- and is, by the majority of the world's population --

    considered to be "the worst" president in American history: his name is... George

    Walker Bush.

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    American History will prove that Obama will hold that honor until the end of time.

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    He's on the short list

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    haha, well, bush sucked worse then reagan, and obombya has not delivered 1 of his promises, and has got america in a whole so big we will never get out unless we blow up china and japan and all the Asian countries, remember, bush may be the dumbest president, but hes the smartes texan!

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    It certainly seems like it. Maybe Hoover, but I think Reagon beats even him.

    Reagon was simply a puppet. I mean, an actor? as President of the United States? Commander in Chief???

    I think not.

    @Iris, Could you run for President?

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