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Should Julian Assange be put to death? Or are liberals dumb enough to think he has done nothing wrong?

Julian Assange has let out information that WILL cause US soldiers to die overseas. Such as different protocals in different situation. He has commited treason and should be put to death in my opinion. What is yours? Should he get shot in the face?

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    It is not possible for Julian Assange to commit treason---he is a foreign national, thus he cannot commit that crime against the US.

    Thus, he cannot legally be put to death despite what low brows like Mike Huckabee dream up.

    How wonderful of you to add the colorful detail of exactly where the lethal shot should be delivered...perhaps you'd like to participate in the firing squad and would enjoy seeing another human being suffer an agonizing death?

    Since your question mentions liberals I assume you somehow consider yourself to be conservative. What you sound like is someone who is about as far from conservative as it is possible to be.

    A conservative is one who seeks to restrict government to its' constitutional duties...not someone who in great ignorance yells charges at a man who isn't charged with any crime and pronounces him deserving of death.

    Those who are happy to be part of a mob do things like that, not conservatives.

    Since major news organizations around the world first published the Wikileaks material should all their publishers, editors and reporters be stoned? Would you like to be the one throwing the rocks at them? So much for your "conservative" respect for the rule of law.

    Some people are happy only with an authoritarian rule...and we have military forces in harms way due to the fact that so many camp followers are glad to see the US commit to war knowing that for them all it will take is waving a flag and watching the war on television.

    Conservatives are those who understand that government is to be held accountable and strictly scrutinized. Conservatives understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Conservatives don't trust in an omnipotent, never erring government. Conservatives know that such a government never has and never will exist...they actively distrust government power for they understand that all government is raw naked force.

    I'm glad that Julian Assange is around and I wish him well. He's done great work so far and I hope he and those with him continue to question authority...there are far too many like you, those who love to rule, those who glory in the suffering of other people, those who want government to do bad things to good people.

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    Many vocal liberals seem to think compormising President Obama's diplomats ability to build trust with diplomats from other nations. Now instead of sharing real issues and concerns with other countries we may have diplomats merely talking about things like "how's the weather." How does that serve the greater good?

    Ironic that the effect of exercising this poor excuse for "free speach" is to harm countries that protect this right more than those who would take these rights away. Doubly ironic that this damaging a liberal president and his liberal secretary of state. Triply ironic that we may have to use more one-sided military force becauase our diplomatic powers are diminished.

    Seems this was poorly thought out, and a case study of how some self-righteous fools act on feelings and the self-proclaimed best of intentions without a care for what is most likely to happen if you stopped to think about it.

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    He has not committed treason because he is not an American, that being said he shouldn't be doing what he is doing I think he is a misguided fool who has no idea what he is doing and thinks by releasing these documents he is somehow more important, To me it seems that his motives do not line up with his methods.

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    I thought he invoked his right to free speech exposing corrupt and inept politicians for what they really are, snide, cowardly backstabber's.

    Or does free speech only apply to Americans and only as long as you say what they want to hear.

    The person who is responsible for the death of the Soldiers overseas are the politicians who put them there in the first place, people like Dubya.

    You are parroting Bill Reilly big deal that man is desperate to remain relevant especially since he is an abusive racist misogynist PIG.

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    >.> I'm a liberal and I believe that he is a problem to our security...

    He technically isn't committing treason as he isn't an American citizen, but it is espionage, and he does have rape cases against him.

    Ya know, I'm betting he's going to be assassinated. I won't be all that sad though.

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    treason? pfft, what a crock, you really dont do your cuntry any fabours with your ignorance.

    the greatest threat to the world is the usa war machine.

    seriously, american aggression will cause american deaths, very simple equation.

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    You make it sound like soldiers aren't already dying overseas, which we both know is not true. Get real. If anyone deserves to be put to death, it's those who sent our soldiers to fight an illegal war and literally erase an entire country.

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    Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword. If these "leaks" are so "dangerous" to Americans, then we as a nation need to reassess if we really want to be an Empire based on war and secrecy.

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    Don't base your answer on assumption Josh. Think out of the box.

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