World war 2? Questions?

I have an assignment for my US history class we have to make an alphabet book of every letter in the alphabet that has to do with WW 2 like if i had the letter h i would put hitler and what he had to do with the war, i need the letters V,W,Z,Y!!!

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    V- V1 and V2 rockets. Valkyrie, Operation to remove Hitler from power. V Corps (British), I know the V is the Latin numeral for five but it's worth a shot. Vasily Zaytsev. Veronica Foster. Vichy France. Victoria Cross.

    W- Wehrmacht. Waffen SS. Wake Island. Warsaw Uprising. War Bonds. Welrod (pistol). Winston Churchill.

    Y- Yak 9 (fighter). Yamamoto, Isoroku (Japanese Admiral). Yamato (largest battleship ever made). Yamashita, Tomoyuki (Japanese General).

    Z- Z Plan. Zimmerit. Zyklon B.

    Also for ones other people in your class probably won't have are Otto Skorzeny, NKVD, Monte Cassino, HMS Hood.

    You can do the leg work but these are very interesting topics.

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    It resulted in 1945. Which countries have been in contact? the theory warring parties have been Germany, Italy, and Japan (Axis) against Britain, France, the Soviet Union, China, and u.s. (Allies). yet it became a international warfare, so exceptionally much each usa in the international became in contact, maximum of them on the Allied factor. there have been in simple terms a handful of countries that controlled to maintain neutrality. And out of those independent countries only 5 remained completely remoted from the warfare: Liechtenstein, Tibet, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Bhutan.

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    V-weapons like the V2 rocket

    Z3 or George Zukov

    Warfare or Western Europe or Winston Churchil

    Yalta or Yugoslavia

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    V- Valkyrie (Remember last year's film starring Tom Cruise?)

    W- Wake Island (First American territory to be invaded by Japan)

    Y- Yamato class Battleship (The LARGEST most HEAVILY armed Battleships of WWII by Japan)

    Z- Z Plan (Japanase plan to counter attack the USA)

    Check all these on Wikipedia =]

    Source(s): Marine Corps and History Buff
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  • 9 years ago

    V- VE Day

    W - Warsaw

    Z - Z Force, the Special Recon Dept

    Y - Yakovlev Yak-9

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    Vichy France, Versailles Treaty, Volk

    Wiesenthal (Simon), Warsaw ghetto

    Yalta, Yamamoto Isoroku

    Zero (the Japanese fighter)

    Wikipedia has articles on all of these.

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    Valkyrie comes to mind for me, it was a movie but its really something like the plan for if hitler died or something? i dont really know. anyway you might wanna look up on it

    zeppelins were world war 1 sam

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    Zhukov - some russian general dude

    V2 rocket - surface to surface missile

    cant really think of the rest -- just look up names of battles/ weapons/significant people etc

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    V- Victory in Europe day- the date germany was defeated

    W- Wehrmacht- the german army

    Y- Yamamoto (Isoroku Yamamoto) the japanese admiral who bombed pearl harbor

    Z- zeppelins- used by the germans as bombers

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    Aye kid... Do your own work

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