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Israel seen as #1 threat80% to ME Israel, america #2 threat 76% Iran #3 10% is that the news you get?


Non jews who travel to Israel get spit on all the time.I don't like that.

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    Yes israel are without a doubt the number 1 threat in me they have nuclear weapons and would use them,they dont follow international laws ,human rights ,geneva conventions they jail children for nothing and the world says nothing, why the double standards for israel are the above all laws and humanity

    Source(s): Truth hurts zionists
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    I don't find this an oblique or slanted question, and I would say Israel is more an apartheid state. It's even less democratic, than US. Both are equally aggressive, and pose the biggest threats to peace, globally.

    I would add the third most prominent threat to ME peace is not Iran, but Saudi Arabia, and it's interesting to consider what it is that these three allies have in common. You wok it out. $$$$$.

    I am actually going to Israel, and onto Palestine soon, to try to understand the situation better myself.

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    Oblique and slanted question. No basis to it. And you already got an equally unsupported

    answer to demonize the only small democracy in the M.E. You have to read history and

    educate yourself, you have to speak the languages of the region, you should travel to that

    area or the world...To sum it up -- not to be on the side of common sense -- like your source

    "chomski" and to go against reason and intelligence and history. Case rested -- since

    there is no basis to discuss. Two ends do not meet.

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    i completely understand but the only thing i would say is that israel is 100% of a threat!

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