What is Marketing Segmentation?

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    Segmentation refers to “the identification of likeminded clusters of consumers who can be expected to behave in similar ways, making similar ways decisions in the marketplace in similar situations.” When it comes to fitness products, segments can be based on gender, age, physical ability of the consumer and the income level. Segmenting market should be done according to the STP process and thereafter develop a suitable marketing plan to deliver expected benefits. Segmenting the market involves a complicated and risky process as it can determine the success and failure of an organization because poor segmentation always leads to poor sales of the product. Under this complicated process of segmentation, there are 03 major aspects discussed namely:

    Segment Bounding

    Segment Viability

    Segmentation Strategies

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    this is Market Segmentation i don't know if is the same with marketing segmentation

    The process where potential markets must be identified & described, before position can be defined & marketing mixes designed.

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