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I need some suggestions for a boy and a girl full character names and some fictional town names?

The characters have just graduated high school, and the town is like a beach town..down south maybe. Last names too please!

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    I don't know how many characters, so ill just do some girls and boys.


    Charlotte Green

    Ashley Welts

    Grace Partridge

    Katie Reams

    Olivia Murphy

    Jasmine Jenkins

    Tina Fraser


    Andrew Underwood

    Benjamin Deeps

    Shane Grey

    Sean Wilkinson

    Alexander Fynn

    Gregory Gibson

    Thomas Black

    Derek Smith

    Zachary McLean

    Martin Hopkins

    Matthew Freeman

    Town names:

    Red Ridge County

    Orlando Field

    Flounder's Cove

    St. Teresa Township

    Axel Point

    Starlight Stretch

    Duke County

    St. Victor's Village

    Source(s): Me, myself, and ... I think I'm forgetting something ...
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    Girls: Sandra Mary Catherine Caroline Koalita Amelie Jenna Maggie Gabriella Elizabeth Lauren Katherine Emmie Kristen Elizabeth Clare Lizzie Lucy Kathleen Annie Chloe Isabella Dalia Amelia Laura Charlotte Shea Jane Abbey Olivia Shay Akira Vanessa Peyton Caroline Shannon Riely Rebecca Keely Autumn Mary Caroline Aysha Madison Sarah Mary Grace Margaret Elizabeth Brenna Katelyn Helen Eugenie Lorenza Chase Eugenie Sophia Devon Madison Sydney Sarah Callie Vanessa Abby Elizabeth Amelie Susan Virginia Kathleen Rolland Madeline Christina Boys: Ben Henry Max

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    Jackson Willard

    Thomas King

    Liam Stewart

    Randy Addman


    Stacey Higgins

    Elizabeth (Beth, Lizzie) Gerald

    Maria Ronald

    Aubrey McDougan


    Beachtown, California

    South Beach Island

    Sundance, Hawaii

    Sandfort, Florida

    Oceania Island

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