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King Alfred and the Vikings?

What did King Alfred do to invade the Vikings in AD 878?

Can you explain this?

Thanks :DDDDDD

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    King Alfred did not invade the Vikings' territory. It was the other way around.

    The Vikings invaded Alfred's kingdom of Wessex in 878. They had previously made other attacks on Wessex, but this was their most succesful yet. They shattered Alfred's army and drove him into hiding. He hid in a swampy area in Somerset and built a fort at Athelney.

    While in hiding, Alfred sent messages to loyal noblemen around Wessex and told them to meet him at a place called Egbert's Stone. They did so, and Alfred managed to put together a decent-sized army (though he was still outnumbered by the Vikings). The Wessex forces then attacked the Vikings, and won a major victory in the Battle of Ethandun, thus driving the Viking raiders out of Wessex (for the time being).

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