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Who has the better Big Three, Celtics or the Heat? And why?

If you didn't know or can't remember for some reason the Celtics' Big Three consists of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. The Heat's Big Three consists of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.

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    if you want to consider the big 3 only. i would say the Heat.

    Wade, Lebron and Bosh is clearly better

    then Pierce, Allen and KG. but Celtics has

    (much) better over all team and Bench then


  • Nathan
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    the Celtics big three are better then the Heats big three

    The Celtics big three are Ray Allen and Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett

    the heats big three are LeBron James and Chris Bosh Dwyane Wade

    but by a long way the Celtics big three are better end of story

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    Right now the heat have the better big 3, Lebron and wade, are amazing, even though wade isn't playing as good, Bosh is weak, and not that good, The celtics are good now, But they are showing there age, and by playoff time they will be worn out. If you forgot about another big 3 Look at the oklahoma city thunder, They have the leading scorer in the nba kevin Durant, The second best point guard playing right now sow far this season, averaging 25ppg, 9assist,3steals a game,plus 5 boards a game. And you have jeff green who is averaging 15ppg,8boards,2blocks. And they are all under 24 years old. And the thunder beat the celtics, if the head can get there pantyhose unknoted, and play like a team they are the best easily.

  • Anonymous
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    The Celtics until the Heat can prove otherwise, if the Heat can prove otherwise

    I think the Celtics big 3 is better because they have a proven track record of being a solid core. Garnett, Allen, and Pierce understand their roles to keep the team a dominant force in the NBA.

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    Well, I think Lebron Is way much more better then Pierce and still he is great defensive player and offensive as well. Wade is also better then Ray Allen, except that Allen can shoot 3 pointers but in otherwise Wade is standing higher. I think KG and Bosh are both good and maybe Bosh is better cause he is younger and can shoot better. Heat has better 3, but other players in Miami suck soooo much while in Boston bench is so goood

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    Bostons big three is better the players styles just work better than Miamis. Allen is a shooter, Garnett is a post presence and has a decent mid range game, and Paul Pierce is the dribble drive type of player, doesnt hurt to have Rondo dishing it to you though. Miami has two guys that need to control the ball for their style to work and a played who doesnt know if hes a mid range player or a post up player.

  • Anonymous
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    Generally Celtics are a better big 3, because they are different and can shoot the ball.

    But with the amount of talent, the heat are better because once they figure how to run a team offense, they will be unstoppable.

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    Let me put it this way. The Heat are 9-1 against teams that are below average (they suck) and they are 1-7 against good teams.

    Its disrespectful to even compare celtics and the heat. Celtics hands down.

    Source(s): Laker fan
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    Celtics - The problem with the Heat is the lack of good coaching.

  • J W W
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    1) the Celtics, they won a championship a couple years ago and currently top of thier division

    2)the Heat, they suck as a team with big three-got to win more than 55% of your games and be in third place in your division

    Source(s): Yahoo Sports NBA standings on Nov 30, 2010
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