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Meeting the parents; Tips?


So I'm going to my boyfriends house this week to meet his parents, and I'm pretty nervous. I'm 16 (year 11) and he's 17 (just graduated year 12) and we've been dating for about 2 months. Any tips on how to act, what to say, or what they might ask? :\ Also, I may be meeting his siblings who are around our age I think.

thanks x

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    Be yourself...but be polite and respectful that "parents" are of another generation and do not see the world the same way. Dress as though you are going out to dinner with your parents. No parent wishes to see their children (ok teenagers) with someone who is sexy, messy or too much of a rebel.

    They will understand that you will be nervous and you may be quiet at first. If you are shy, they will most likely ask you questions, to find out more about you, your fav classes, hobbies, if you are considering going to college and what would you like to study, and about your family. Try to give answers longer than yes or no. If you see books or magazines about subjects you are interested in, mention it. Just remember not to do or ask something that you would not want your BF to ask or say to your parents. You would probably love to see his baby pics of him in the bath-tub, but when the tables are turned and he is meeting your parents would you want him to see yours? Expect some joking around about his having a girl brought home. Overall after the first 15 minutes you will be relaxed enough to enjoy yourself and getting to know more about the family.

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    Just be yourself because you don't want to act one way and then later act another way.

    The Parents:

    1) Smile: because no parent wants to see a mean face.

    2 Help out: ask if they need any help with anything like dinner or something simple to do.

    3) Talk don't be too quiet: you want to show that your happy to be meeting them so feel free to ask questions but don't ask anything personal and answer their questions as well.

    The Siblings:

    1) Talk: Just talk to them

    2) Hangout: Do things with them sometimes so you can get to know them since your dating their bother.

    3) Don't be fake: because older siblings look at that first because they want to see if your good enough to date their bother.

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    First off-dress conservative, no mini skirts, no low cut tight shirts. Also-don't hang all over him while you are there. Let him guide you and ask him questions about his parents before you arrive so you will have an idea as to a conversation. Good luck and try to relax.

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    Dress smart not too smart be yourself be nice

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    weve all been there just be yourself,try and relax and enjoy the experience

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    don't put too much pressure on yourself and you will be fine. Be yourself.

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    A crab into a crab.

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