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Fantasy basketball trade: Joe Johnson and Kevin Love for Pau Gasol?

My exact tem is:

Deron Williams-G

Darren Collison-G

Jason Kidd- G

Joe Johnson- G/F

Lebron James- F

Gerald Wallace- F

Al Horford- F/C

Marcus Camby- C/F

Kevin Love- F/C

David West- F

Andrew Bogut- C

Would i be giving up any categories by making this trade?

Also the guy who has Pau has an offer from another guy which is Brook Lopez and Josh Smith for Pau, I could probably take Lopez and Smith if i get Pau.

Should I take the trade>


in an 8 team head to head league

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    That is a horrible trade...actually both of those are horrible trades.

    Yes Gasol is playing like an MVP canidate but he hasn't has a 30/30 game this season let alone a 20/20 game!

    Love is dominating and his PT has increased. He is a big man who scores, rebound and can hit the 3 ball.

    JJ is a fantsy stud as well. He scores, hits the 3 and assist.

    There is no way to justify 2 players of that caliber for Gasol.

    Gasol gets 21.5ppg with 11.9 rpb, 4.1apg, and 0 threes.

    Love+Johnson = 36.1 ppg with 19 rebounds 7.1 apg and 2.1 threes.

    Lopez and Smith is also not a good trade for Gasol...would not be a good move.

    You have a pretty solid front court with: Al Horford- F/C

    Marcus Camby- C/F

    Kevin Love- F/C

    David West- F

    Andrew Bogut- C

    Stick with what you got buddy.

  • alnoor
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    Kevin Love has slightly extra cost than Amare. Love gets extra rebs, hits 3s, and has extra useful ft. Amare has extra blks, larger FG, and slightly extra steals. Amare is ranked seventh and Love is ranked 6th universal atm. yet! i'd somewhat have Amare cuz his group will play the proper video games of the season for playoff positioning. Gasol has been slumping the previous couple of weeks and jackson would decrease his minutes down the stretch. Kevin Love would be close down down the stretch of the season cuz the wolves are terrible. Having Amare is the main secure guess if ur thinking approximately playoffs in fantasy.

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    no, don't do it, thats 2 good players for one. Love is a Fantasy Basketball stud. Johnson isn't so hot right now, but he always comes through, give him time.

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