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assisted suicide pros and cons?

Please list some pros and cons of assisted suicide and in addition please EXPLAIN why this is a pro/con.


This is for an essay, I am not looking to commit suicide or anything :/

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    Try this online essay it may give you some ideas on proceeding.

    Perhaps the strongest argument made on behalf of legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide is that it, like abortion, is a "choice" issue. Proponents argue that euthanasia/assisted suicide is "the ultimate civil right," and that to deprive mentally competent, terminally ill people who want to end their suffering of a peaceful "aid in dying" is to fundamentally disrespect their right to personal autonomy. Proponents also argue that legalizing euthanasia/assisted suicide is a necessary "insurance policy" that will ensure that no one dies in painful agony or unremitting suffering. Advocates contend that euthanasia/assisted suicide is little different from pain control since both use strong drugs and patients' deaths are occasionally unintentionally hastened as a side effect of the narcotics used in palliation. They also claim that doctors commonly engage in euthanasia/assisted suicide surreptitiously and promote legalization as a way to protect vulnerable patients from abuses inherent in the current "unregulated" practice. Acknowledging worries about potential abuses, advocates assure that "protective guidelines" would protect the vulnerable from wrongful death while still permitting suffering patients who are eligible for euthanasia/assisted suicide to obtain a desired, peaceful "death with dignity." Proponents also claim that opposition to euthanasia/assisted suicide is based primarily in religion and that laws prohibiting the practice are thus unconstitutional because they violate the division between church and state.

    Opponents counter that legalizing euthanasia/assisted suicide would lead society down a dangerous "slippery slope" with legalized killing eventually being permitted for disabled, elderly, and depressed people, as well as for those who are not mentally competent to request to die. Protective guidelines "do not protect," opponents declare, pointing to the Dutch experience with euthanasia as "proof" of both the reality of the slippery slope and the relative meaninglessness of guidelines. Opponents also argue that the economics of modern medicine would promote euthanasia/assisted suicide as a form of health care cost containment, noting that the drugs in an assisted suicide cost only about forty dollars, while proper care for a dying patient can cost tens of thousands of dollars. They also note that forty-four million Americans do not have health insurance, and that medicine is sometimes practiced in a discriminatory manner against racial and other minorities. Thus, they argue that "the last people to receive medical treatment will be the first to receive assisted suicide." Opponents also deny that there is widespread surreptitious euthanasia practiced in clinical medicine, citing several published studies as proof, and urge that hospice care and proper medical treatment provide the morally acceptable answers to the difficulties that are sometimes associated with the process of dying.

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    Physician Assisted Suicide Pros

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    Pro: You can die if you want to. This is a pro for obvious reasons.

    Other pro: your family will get your life insurance money provided your death is ruled a HOMICIDE (not suicide).

    Con: the other person can get caught by law enforcement

    other con: if your death is ruled a SUICIDE, your family will NOT get any of your life insurance money and you will have wasted your life and ruined theirs.

    Source(s): please call 1800 suicide if you're feeling bad.
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    Pro. We won't put death row inmates through cruel and unusual punishment, so why should we make our loved ones suffer when they have given up and can't take the pain anymore? And I am not talking about emotional issues or mental problems, I mean gut wrenching terminal illness pain. If my twin sister asked me to please let her go, I would help her absolutely. But she would never ask unless she had to. I don't like to think of anyone suffering needlessly, and my point of view has nothing to do with religion at all, but the spirit.

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