Israel and Palestine help?

Israel homework help?

1. What "right" does each side have to the land?? (Israel and Palestine)

2. What are some actions that each side has done to make the situation worse? (Israel and Palestine)

3. Why does Hamas' leadership role create more difficulty??

THANKS:) please answer what u can

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    1. Israel has the better part of the territory in the area, and they won it from numerous aggressors among the Arab nations. They are not supposed to settle it under international law, but that's one of the major reasons they believe they have a right to the land. There is also the religion itself which defines modern day areas considered "Palestinian" as part of Israel according to the bible.

    Palestine's legitimacy in the area comes from the fact that they have been living there for a long time before the Jews returned to the holy land. They don't want to be a part of Israel and believe they have a right to an independent state, as well as to defend themselves from Israeli encroachment on what they consider to be their land (often disputed territory).

    2. Israel has launched numerous military assaults in the area, mostly to root out extremists, but sadly, many innocents are killed as collateral damage. They have also repeatedly refused to stop settlement of East Jerusalem, despite mutual acknowledgement that it was a critical part of restarting the peace process.

    Palestine has proven a haven for terrorists who often kill or kidnap Israeli targets, prop up a government which supports violent action against Israel, and unfortunately, cause a lot of harm to Israel, even within the legally defined scope of its territory.

    3. Hamas has greatly aggravated the situation, because as was mentioned before, they support violent action against Israel, and their military arm often launches missiles and other projectiles into Israel from the Gaza strip.


    A couple extra notes:

    Israel WAS given much of the land they have by Britain in 1948 due to the horrors of the holocaust. They are legally there. However, they were almost immediately attacked by their Arab neighbours, which they held their own against, actually capturing territory. This is where the issue of Palestine comes in, as the majority of it is contained in these captured areas. There are of course some issues with Israel's actual borders, but the major source of problems comes from what has been going on in captured territories like the Gaza strip.

    Source(s): I've tried to remain neutral. Careful what you hear, this is a VERY contested issue. *bible ---> Torah, whatever the Jewish holy book is called.
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    10 years ago

    It's hard to say who has the "right" to the land because it was an Ottoman territory until after WWI. WHen the British and French defeated the Ottomans, they promised the Arabs a series of Arab states in exchange for their help against the Ottomans. They gave them Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. It seems though that the British wanted to reserve parts of greater Palestine (now Israel, West Bank, and Gaza) for the Jews. They wrote the Balfour Declaration saying that they would help the Jews move back. Zionist Jews from around the world started moving back to their ancestral homeland. This caused conflict with the mainly Arab population. Also, many Arab states like Egypt, Iraq, etc.. expelled their Jews in that period so many of these moved to Israel too.

    You can see both sides. The Jews were hated and chased out of many countries between WWI and WWII so they went to where a large and relatively safe Jewish population existed, but the Palestinian Arabs also have their right to whine because many of them were expelled from the area. I favor the Israelis just because they allow Arabs to live there peacefully (Arabs are about a quarter of Israel and are not violently expelled) but the Arabs expelled almost all their Jewish populations leaving them with little place to go.

    It is a very hard issue and both sides have their points. But Israel has made things harder by putting Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and West Bank, as well as reacting harshly to terrorism by putting checkpoints all around Palestine, as well as bombing civilian areas to get to terrorists. But Palestinians make it worse by supporting groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade etc.. that put the Israelis in fear for their lives. Hamas' leadership makes it more difficult by not accepting the right of any Jewish state in the region and vows to fight until ALL of the land is Arab.

    Hope that helped

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    4 years ago

    After WW2 and each and each and every of the useless Jews that HItler massacred, the international determined that the Jews mandatory a native land. SO incredibly of giving them an section in Germany, they determined "hi there why no longer supply them Palestine?" who cares if there are a collection of brown-skinned human beings already residing there? regrettably, no longer like the community human beings who had a similar component ensue to them, The Palestinians did not go away. to placed issues in perspective, because the 1940's a lot less then 3000 Israeli's were killed by using Palestinians, three hundred Palestinians were killed by using Israel in the remarkable week

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  • 10 years ago

    If I have more time later I will give you specifics points regarding your questions. In the mean time, I suggest you read the brief and factual history of the conflict in my answer to this question, which should help you formulate an opinion about the first and second questions:;_ylt=Apa_y...

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    10 years ago

    The Israelis believe that an Invisible Man in the Sky gave them a divine right to murder the inhabitants of Palestine and take their houses and drive the survivors into concentration (refugee) camps.

    Thats the nuts of it!

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