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From a moral point of view, was the recent "Wikileaks" release of classified information good or bad?

Do you think the expression, “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to be worried about,” is appropriate here? Or do you agree with celery, I mean, Hillary and that this was a “crime against the international community”?

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    If there's nothing to hide, there's no fear of exposure. The fact that those "leaks" exposed some human rights violations in Iraq speaks volume of USA's hypocrisy - which is well-known. On one hand USA appears to be champion of human rights and democracy, but through the past 60 years, its foreign policies were blatant contradictions of what it professed:

    1) Vietnam war - it supported South Vietnam when Ho Chi Min (a communist leader) was on the verge of winning the election, and because of USA's interference it caused untold suffering to the Vietnamese and the destruction of a nation;

    2) because of oil, it supported the friendly Shah of Iran. However, the Shah was toppled and religious leaders took power. It caused the present rift and tension in the Middle-East;

    3) for control of oil in the Middle-East (again), it lied about WMD and invaded Iraq;

    4) it contravened the Geneva Convention and used torture on "911 terrorists";

    The exposure is timely, as it serves warning to countries (even to USA) that though many things could be covered up, yet there is no perfect system.

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    Well, what I heard of the american government's statements was that they condemned the leak on the basis that it was a breach of privacy. Now, personally I don't regard privacy as having fundamental philosophical value; however, in our very imperfect world, I DO regard it as having a great deal of practical significance. That said, it's also clear that the documents being leaked were not (at least, not all) simply idle chat, rather, they were of important diplomatic proceedings, and I think such proceedings should be publicly transparent. The leak was making them transparent, and to that extent, it was good.

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    I'm watching fox news right now, and what hearing from this issue is not good. Potential the 200,000 documents could pose a threat to national security, and alienating a couple of our allies as well as give Iran some propaganda to use against us. This recent release has diminish America's image, and reputation.

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    10 years ago

    It was great! There is nothing that clears the air as much as the truth. We are in Iraq and Afghanistan because of LIES. Would that the whole truth could come out, and we could put Bush and Cheney on trial for HIGH TREASON!

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  • Calico
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    The people in high positions are the one to give the example to everyone else..

    Exposing corruption and under the table dealings, are to be commended NOT chastised.

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    What I looked at (only a small part has been posted there so far) didn't really look that bad. But I didn't look at very much of it, though.

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    Morally: BAD because it was leaked to intentionally harm people and nations.

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    I think sensitive information should always be guarded carefully, otherwise you never know how people will interpret.

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    We all have our secrets that we don't want anyone to know about.

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