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Who helps the president enforce laws?

also, What types of people are in place to assist the president with law enforcement?

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    The President is not a Law Enforcement Officer. The Chief Law Enforcement officer of the United States is the Attorney General. He heads up the US Dept. of Justice. From his position down to the newest Patrolmen on the street there are hundreds of titles, Federal, State, Municipal, County, Township and village. Federal includes the FBI, CIA, DEA, DNR etc., State is usually called the State Police, or Department of Public Safety. State also includes State Attorneys General and Cout Officers including Probate Court. Municipal Law enforcement officers include City Police, investigators, Detectives and Drug teams. County= Sheriff's Departments, and often the township or village Officer is called a Constable. Add to that all Judges, District Attorneys, Prosecutors, and all levels of Court officers, and you have ten's of thousands of "Helpers".

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    In theory, it would be law enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies of all types.

    This president chooses to use the black panthers and seiu thugs to break laws...

    bo isn't much into law enforcement.

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