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HELP?! Song suggestions needed please?

I'm a dance teacher and our year starts back up soon and I need songs of every sort, jazz, tap, ballet, modern/lyrical, and hip-hop. ages 8-13. I've tried newer songs, but they only get me so far. Any suggestion is much appreciated =)

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    I have a huge list of songs, (literally like 8.5 pages in word) for all styles please email me if you want a more complete list my grouping of songs has ballet/modern/lyrical/contemporary as 1 category since some songs are interchangeable.

    JAZZ----Black muddy river—grateful dead

    Underneath the radar—underworld

    Put your lights on—Santana

    Vibeology—Paula Abdul

    Cold Hearted Snake—Paula Abdul

    Straight up –Paula Abdul

    Dr. beat- Miami Sound Machine

    Conga-Miami Sound Machine

    Fighter—Christina Aguilera

    Music that you can dance to-The Sparks (Rad)

    Send me an angel—Real Life (Rad)

    Thunder in your heart—John Farnham (Rad)

    Get Strange—Hubert Kah (Rad)

    Loved by the sun—Tangerine Dream (Legend)

    Is your love strong enough—Tangerine Dream (Legend)

    She’s like the wind—Patrick Swayze (dirty Dancing)

    Tonight is what it means to be young—Fire Inc (Streets of fire)

    Love is in the air—John Paul Young (Strictly Ballroom)

    It’s my turn to fly—The Urge (Titan AE)

    Chilly Down—David Bowie (Labyrinth)

    Magic dance-David Bowie (Labyrinth)

    Partyman-Prince (Batman)

    Batdance-Prince (batman)

    One more time –Michael Bolton (Sing)

    What’s the matter with love—Laurena Wilerson (Sing)

    When the rush comes—Motorcycle

    Gravity of love—Enigma

    Silence must be heard—Enigma

    Principles of lust—Enigma


    Sledgehammer—Peter Gabriel

    Talking in your sleep—The Romantics

    Crystal Blue persuasion—Tommy James & The Shondells

    Silent Lucidity—Queensryche

    Abracadabra—Steve Miller Band

    Red red wine—UB40

    Godzilla—Blue oyster cult

    Who’s Johnny-El Debarge

    Set the night to music—Starship

    Dream Weaver—Gary Wright

    Set adrift on memory bliss-PM Dawn

    Kentucky Rain—Elvis

    An American Trilogy—Elvis

    There’s a brand new day on the horizon—Elvis

    Love you to death—Kamelot

    My destiny—Leaves’ Eyes

    TAP-----Straight up –Paula Abdul

    Stomp to my beat—DDR

    Pacman techno mix

    Oscar G & Ralph Falcon - Dark Beat (Murk Monster Mix)


    Starting Something—Michael Jackson

    Man with a hex—Atomic Fireballs

    Hit me up—Gia Farrell

    In the mood—Glenn Miller

    What I like about you—The Romantics

    Walk this way—Aerosmith

    Crazy on A Saturday Night—David Hasselhoff

    Give me something Real-- David Hasselhoff

    It don’t mean a thing—Ella Fitzgerald

    Yankee Doodle dandy—James Cagney

    Stagger Lee—Bill Haley & the comets

    Bottle of wine—Tom Paxton

    Rocky Top—Ricky Skaggs

    Low—Flo Rida

    Elevator—Flo Rida

    It’s tricky—Run Dmc

    Now you see it now you don’t—Pitbull

    Bleeding love—Leona Lewis

    Womanizer—Britney Spears

    Patron Tequila—Paradiso Girls

    Remote Control—Beastie Boys

    Super disco Breakin—Beastie Boys

    Sabotage—Beastie Boys

    Intergalatic—Beastie boys

    Brass Monkey—Beastie boys

    Daddy’s gone crazy—Eminem

    Lose Yourself—Eminem

    Won’t back down—Eminem

    I’m not afraid—Eminem

    Cinderella Man—Eminem

    Love the way you lie-Eminem

    Almost Famous—Eminem

    Gravel Pit—Wu tang Clan

    Wild thing—Tone Loc

    Planet Rock—Afrika Bambaataa

    3- Britney Spears


    Mortal Kombat Theme

    Space Jam theme

    Hit ‘Em High (Monstars theme from space jam)

    If I’m gonna eat somebody it might as well be you—Tone Loc (Fern Gully)

    There is a light—Nick Cave (Batman Forever)

    The riddler—Method Man (Batman Forever)

    Dirty—Christina Aguilera

    Hip hop hooray—Naughty by Nature

    Square dance rap—Sir Mix a lot

    Ms. Jackson—Outkast


    Kraftwerk-Tour De France

    It began in Africa—Chemical Brothers

    Shake your pom pom—Missy Elliot

    Bombs over Baghdad—Outkast

    Supersonic—JJ Fad

    Groove is the heart—Dee Lite

    I got the power— C&C Music Factory

    Pump up the volume— C&C Music Factory

    Gonna make you sweat—C&C Music Factory


    Summertime—Will Smith

    Wild Wild west—Will Smith

    Men in black—Will Smith

    This beat is technotronic—Technotronic

    Move this—Technotronic

    Butterfly (Japenese Techno)—DJ Mystik

    Breaker’s revenge—Afrika Bambaataa

    OPP-Naughty By nature

    Axel F (Beverly Hills Cop)

    Freak-a-zoid—Midnight Star

    Push it—Salt N Pepa

    Source(s): Lyrical/modern/contemporary/ballet Pink Floyd--- Marooned Terminal frost Echoes Interstellar Overdrive One of these days Run like hell On the turning away Absolutely Curtains Mudmen Obscured by clouds from the movie Legend The unicorn theme The Cottage Darkness The Dance from the movie Dracula Love eternal Love remembered The storm Lucy’s party from the movie Dragonheart World of your heart Flight to Avalon Draco from the movie Ladyhawke main theme She was sad at first Phillippe describes Isabeau from the movie the Princess Bride Storybook Love—Willy Deville The cliffs of insanity I will never love again The fireswamp & rodent of unusual size Alborada (A dawn of many colors album) Ode to a woman Mountain Melody Ceol Mor—(Celtic Passages Album) Enchanted forest The mountains at dawn Sparkling river
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    Here are a few I hope will help

    Hide and seek - Imogen Heap

    Hang me up to dry - Cold War Kids

    If I were a free fallin' boy - Tom Petty and Beyonce mashup

    Dirt off your bittersweet shoulders - Jay Z and The Verve mashup

    Monster - Meg & Dia

    Ordiary world - Red (or the original version by Duran Duran)

    Baptized by fire - Spinnerette

    If we ever meet again - Imbaland ft. Katy Perry

    Source(s): my media player + experience in dance classes/teaching
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