I had a bumper crop this year, and now they say I can apply for free money, should I?

All 75 counties in Arkansas have been designated as agriculture disaster areas because of the drought, excessive heat and related insects and diseases that began in April, the state’s congressional delegation announced today.

The designation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture makes farmers eligible to receive assistance to help compensate for production losses on crops.

Eligible farmers have eight months to apply for the assistance from the Farm Service Agency. The designation also may make producers who suffered crop losses for 2010 eligible for the Supplemental Revenue Assistance Program.

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    No, that would make you a liberal, taking govenment taxpayers money when you can survive on your own

  • justa
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    1 decade ago

    I'm not that familiar with the program, but it does say you would receive assistance for production losses.

    They aren't going to take your word on that, you will need supporting documents to prove your case.

    You also mention eligible farmers, you aren't one apparently, and that it MAY make producers eligible for SRAP. Again they aren't going to take your unsupported word on that,

    If you can't prove your losses you won't get anything. Which is what you would deserve since you had no losses by your own admission.

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