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Xbox Games on Demand Oblivion?

Does Oblivion from the Xbox Live Games on Demand come with the 2 expansions Shivering Isles and Knights of the nine?

I don't want to pay 29.99 for it then have to buy the expansions too when I can just wait and order the GOTY edition for the same price if not cheaper and get everything.

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  • Paul L
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    1 decade ago
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    No, it does not come with the add on expansion packs. You'll save a bunch of money by ordering the GOTY edition online somewhere. This is pretty common pricing for the Games on Demand. Apparently, enough people can't wait and are impulse buyers so Microsoft benefits from that. Fallout 3 is another example.

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    undecided, yet its not properly worth it, rarther get the disc because it takes up exceedingly mich no memory, and in case you opt to pass to a distinctive console (acquaintances) you are able to basically take the disc, a disc is alot much less hassle, im telling you however the memory subject i dont be attentive to, whilst the replace occurs the following day basically click the interest and could have memory info

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