What t.v shows have gay characters?

I'm looking for shows that feature gay males.

I already know some but I'm running out of things to watch. So if anyone knows anymore shows please tell me! Doesn't matter how old or new it is.

The one's I already know about are:


Desperate Housewives





Modern Family

Mad Men

Drawn Together

Will and Grace

True Blood

Sex and the City


United States of Tara

The Prisoner

Gossip Girl


Ugly Betty

Brothers and Sisters

Thanks guys

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    From the late 1970's "Soap". It was a parody of soap opera storylines. Billy Crystal played Jody Dallas the gay son of Mary Campbell (Cathryn Damon). Jody was the first gay character on tv. It's what made Billy Crystal famous. It was a show before it's time! Quirky and funny.

    There were a lot of people in it: Jay Johnson & his dummy Bob;Diana Canova; Billy Baio (Scott's cousin); Katherine Helmond (the grandmother on "Who's the Boss); Robert Guillame (Benson); Robert Mandan; Ted Wass (the dad on "Blossom"); Carolyn McCormick; Jon Denhr (briefly); Eugene Roach; Gregory Sierra; Jennifer Salt; Arthur Peterson; Richard Mulligan; Robert Urich (briefly) and Jack Gilford.

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    Family Guy

    American Dad

    Try LOGO (TV Channel)

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    Way too many of them.

    I find nothing funny about flooding the market with stereotypes of sexual nature.

    Which is why i threw my t.v. out the window 8 years ago.

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    I don't watch any of those shows, now I know why.

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