Do Illegal Aliens Take Jobs From Unemployed Americans?

What is the effect of mass illegal immigration on impoverished U.S. citizens? With an estimated 10-15 million illegal aliens working, are they hurting the prospects for the unemployed workers in finding a job?

Some say that the jobs that many of these illegals are working in are one's that U.S. citizens do not want to do like: housekeepers, busboys, day labor construction workers, and landscaping. Yet, with the national average for unemployment at 9.6% and 2 million people about to lose their long term unemployment compensation, any one of these jobs would be desired to survive in our rocky economy.

Much of the money made by illegal workers is sent back to their country of origin to their struggling family members or to save for their future, with billions of dollars going out of our monetary system. Yet, American tax payers have to subsidize increased social services and tolerate paying 3 times more at out of state colleges than illegals pay in their own state. If foreign nationals are afforded more entitlements are there fewer for U.S. citizens?

As the fight for extended unemployment compensation beyond 99 weeks is debated in Congress this week, 2 million people that have relied on unemployment compensation to live on are set to lose their benefits when they expire on November 30. The issue of illegals becomes part of the problem. Individuals that have received long term unemployment benefits maintain that they have worked hard to secure a job with no avail.

They suggest that there are no jobs available for them and that they have done everything they needed to do to find work, yet they still struggle to find a job. I have been reminded by some of my readers that even if all the available jobs in the U.S. were filled, 25% of the people looking for work could not find it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Of course they do. It is a lie that they only do the jobs Americans won't do. My neighbor works for a landscaping company, not as some manager or anything, but trimming hedges and such. He is most certainly American born and raised. Many of the guys I know do some sort of construction. The guys who put stairs on my porch were White and Black Americans with midwestern accents. I've done housekeeping, and so has my sister. My coworkers were White and Black with midwestern accents. There were some Hispanics and Filipinas, too, but they didn't work any harder than the rest of us. My point is to say there aren't any jobs Americans won't do, as long as they are given a liveable wage and every illegal working in this country keeps an American on the unemployment lines.

  • Neha
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    1 decade ago

    Most assuredly illegals take away jobs. Our neighbor is in the contracting business and his company sub-contracts illegals at a lower rate of pay instead of paying Americans scale wages. It's all fancy bookkeeping that keeps that going.

    Also, there are plenty of teens who could pick fruit all summer to help their unemployed parents out but again, the farmers hire migrant workers who get paid cash so they don't have to fool with workman's comp and all the withholding taxes.

    People who support illegals and their desire to get a better life cannot tell the difference between whats right and whats wrong.

    There's a saying that goes: "For every illegal alien working, there's an out of work American."

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