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Bearded draggon eggs HELP!!?

my bearded dragon is 2 years old and ive been mating her with my 5yr old bearded dragon so she layed eggs yeastersay or the day before and i have them incubating but thismorning i went to check on them and some are sort of sunken in and others are round and hardish? and i looked at them under a light yestersay and some of them had the spot with a red vein in it and others i wasnt sure but like today the eggs are hardish and yellow they were rly soft yesterday so i dont know what to do if they are bad and i should throw them out or what!? HELPPP!! it is my femails first cluch but the male is a prooven breeder.. i jst dnt know what to do! i cant find it anywhere! help please and no B.S answers this is serious!


"born country" your answer is innapropriate ... there was no need for that. I clearly stated in the question that i wanted no B.S answers.

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    Sorry to say but it seems as if a majority of the eggs are dead being sunken in and yellow are a sure sign of a dead egg.But it is common for the first batch/clutch of eggs for a bearded dragon to be infertile only a few eggs may be fertile but more than likely next time around they will be fertile. if they were fertile you would know they would be white but here is a link to how infertile eggs look check out and comapre http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMvNT4Uc5oU

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    Make sure when handling them you don't tip them or move turn them over. It'll kill them, when they are laid an air bubble forms at the top of the egg, if it is disturbed it will die pretty fast.

    If your beardie just laid them, leave them be for a couple of days in the incubator.

    Sometimes if they are squishy and soft looking they can still harden up.

    If there are a couple that still look like that in a couple weeks, candle them (holding a flashlight under it) to see if you see veins or any sack inside, if not then throw them out, they're dead.

    Source(s): own beardies 10 years, breeding 9 years
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  • 9 years ago

    Your solution is very simple! Simply take the questionable eggs, use a scalpel and cut those bitches up!!! then you will see whether or not the eggs were good. Worst case scenario you get to make scrambled eggs!!! YAY!!!

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