Rate my name list please.?

Rate My List.

Abel Grayson Kilby

Kyler Logan Kilby

Lance Cooper Kilby

Griffin Sirus Kilby

Harper Brooklyn Kilby

Morgan Jacquelyn Kilby

Delaney Ryan Kilby

Farrah Leigh Kilby

The first names are set in stone, but you can suggest new middle names.


All names are made up, that's how they came about in the first place sweetheart. And Kyler is Tyler with K, for my DH's Brother. :)

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    10 years ago
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    Abel Grayson Kilby - I don't like Abel, but I like Grayson!

    Kyler Logan Kilby - Ohh! Kyler! Interesting! Love it & Logan is great too!

    Lance Cooper Kilby - Nooo. Cooper is okay tho :)

    Griffin Sirus Kilby - I liiike it!! <3 soo cute!

    Harper Brooklyn Kilby - Love both of these!!

    Morgan Jacquelyn Kilby - I dint like jacqulyn.. I knew a Jacquelyn & she was gross & weird!

    Delaney Ryan Kilby - Cute cute cute cute!! Love this one! I love Delaney!

    Farrah Leigh Kilby - cute. Less unique though.

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    Abel Grayson - I don't care for Abel, too biblical. Grayson is very modern and cute. 6/10.

    Kyler Logan - Two cute names, but they don't flow very well together. 7/10.

    Lance Cooper - I don't like this combination for some reason, I can't put my finger on it, lol. 2/10.

    Griffin Sirus - This sound like something out of Harry Potter! Griffin minus the dor, and Sirus Black. Haha, I don't know if that is intentional or not but I don't care for it myself. 0/10.

    So out of all your boy names, I prefer Kyler Logan. Kyler Grayson also sound good together.

    Harper Brooklyn - I like Harper, but I think this combination would sound better if it were the other way around, Brooklyn Harper. That's just me, though. 9/10.

    Morgan Jacquelyn - Too plain for my tastes. Morgan is a pretty common name. Morganna would be cute. 4/10.

    Delaney Ryan - I like this, its pretty. It sounds sophisticated but also a little bit dangerous! hahaha. 10/10.

    Farrah Leigh - The name Farrah will always remind me of the girl from "Teen Mom" so I don't really like it, as a name and because of the person it reminds me of. 2/10.

    Delaney Ryan is a beautiful name, and not a lot of kids these days have that name. At least, I don't know anyone named Delaney, lol. Good luck. :]

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    10 years ago


    Abel Grayson, Kyler Logan, and Lance Cooper all have a good ring to them. But I don't like Griffin Sirius at all. The first name makes me think either of the mythological creature or Merv Griffin (the game show guy), and the middle name makes me think of the satellite radio service.


    Farrah Leigh is the only one I really like.

    - Delaney Ryan: Delaney is fine, but Ryan is too masculine for a girl.

    - Morgan Jacquelyn: The middle name is fine, but Morgan is too androgynous. As a man with a gender-fuzzy name (Adrian), I can tell you that it's a pain having a name like that.

    - Harper Brooklyn: Harper is OK. It's unusual and uncommon, which is nice. It makes me think of the author Harper Lee, though. If that doesn't bother you, then go for it. But Brooklyn -- yuck. I'm sorry, but I hate that name. It's a NYC borough, not someone's name.

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    10 years ago

    Abel Grayson is fine (although I usually don't like names ending in "son")

    Kyler Logan- Kyler is ugly, sorry. Its just made up. Kyle or Skyler. Pick one.

    Lance Cooper is okay

    Griffin Sirus both sound like last names. Do you really want your kid to have three last names?

    Harper Brooklyn is awful. I'm sorry but Brooklyn is so trashy and Harper sounds like a pet's name.

    Morgan Jacquelyn is okay, it doesn't get me excited or anything, but it isn't bad.

    Delaney Ryan...I don't like Delaney at all.

    Farrah Leigh- YES. best one on your list. use this.

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  • 4 years ago

    Audrey Candace Arielle Jasmine Sophia Aurora Grace Emerald Alexis Tallulah Summer Felicity Lilly Abigail Lucas Scott Jacob Parker Elliot Xavier Chase Tyler Aden Carter Brandon Axel Aaron Cruz Shaun Jay Cody Lincoln

  • 10 years ago

    Kyler Logan kilby is definately my favorite out of the boys names


    Harper (different middle name) Kilby : I just don't like the whole brooklyn as a name thing. it reminds me of NYC.

    and i also like Farrah Leigh Kilby


  • 10 years ago

    I Like Abel Grayson as well as Lance Cooper But I'm not very sure about Cooper. However, Lance could also be spelled as Vance it's really nice.

    For girls I prefer Morgan Jacquelyn.

  • 10 years ago

    Abel Grayson Kilby and Delaney Ryan Kilby or my 2 favorites (:

  • 10 years ago

    I like Lance Cooper Kilby best. Griffin is actually my favorite but with that middle and your last name I dont really are for it. And for girls I like Farrah Leigh Kilby best which is funny because I actually dont like Leigh/Lee that much.

  • 10 years ago

    Griffin Sirus Kilby is my fave for your boys names

    Morgan Jacquelyn Kilby for the girls names

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