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What can I substitute shortening with when making cornbread?

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You can substitute almost any kind of fat for the shortening, but it won't be exactly the same (it will probably still be really good). Since shortening is solid at room temp, I would go for something similar like butter, margarine, lard, or coconut oil.

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thank you, exactly what I am looking for
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  • Alexis Bleu answered 4 years ago
    You can substitute it with butter or lard. To add a bit of flavor you can add some sausage or ban grease only like 1 tablespoon. They used shortening back then because it was cheaper and easier to find. One old lady used to tell me when she was pour that her mother was ashamed of being poor so they bought lard/shortening and added yellow food coloring and molded it into a stick so when they had company it look like they bought butter and they would use it on bread.
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  • Sugar Pie answered 4 years ago
    stick margarine
    veg. oil
    bacon grease (!!?!??!!???)
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  • What can I substitute shortening with when making cornbread?
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