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what forces are in a car crash?

what types of forces occur when a car crashes into another car or a tree?

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    Newton's Third Law..

    For Every Action there is a Reaction

    Newtons 3rd law applies to driving because when you drive the action force is the pushing against the road and the reaction is the road pushing against the tires. Also when a car hits a person, the person hits the car. When a car hits telephone pole the pole hits the car. When a car hits a wall the wall hits the car. Another example of Newton's 3rd law would be that when a person's foot pushes the gas pedal, the gas pedal pushes the person's foot.

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    if you are looking for a psychics definition, you have momentum F=d/dt(mv)

    momentum is distance divided by the product of distance and time times the product of mass and velocity.

    you also have to find velocity by acceleration, then use. a=(vf-vi)/t

    acceleration equals the difference of final velocity and initial velocity divided by time.

    Do this for both objects and you will find the force involved. for example

    car A and car B hit head on.



    F(carA) + F(carB) = Total force involved.

    calculate the velocity of both cars with acceleration if needed.

    Source(s): I like physics.
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