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Dead tooth hurts? Already had a root canal done on it? HELP?

I had a root canal done on one of my front teeth a few years ago, about six years ago. I never went back for a crown because I was still under my parents insurance and I had no idea you NEEDED a crown after a root canal. (Stupid, I know.) Now about a week ago, I got a tooth ache from it. Also, just to let you know, it has turned a slighty gray color. You can even tell in photos it looks different compared to my other front tooth. I called my dentist and they sent me antibiotics for it for ten days. I had such a bad pain in there. Also, I flossed it and on the other of my tooth it has turned brown between two teeth when its cleaned out and flossed.

I called my dentist, she was not in but her receptionist was and said there was a girl who had a crown and made payments of 50 dollars a month, so that they DO payment plans, which is very good! Im just worried that even though I had a root canal done on it, I may need it again. I went to the dentist in April and they did an xray on my tooth and it was fine. He said I DID need a crown but that the tooth had a successful root canal.

Any idea why it is hurting? Is it because it has turned brown and is a dead tooth now?

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    First, a root canal involves removing the nerve from within the tooth. If done properly, it can't be done again.

    You may have developed an abscess (infection) at the base of the tooth. Only a dentist will be able to diagnose and treat the problem. Sounds like you have a flexible dentist who will work out a payment plan with you. If it turns out he won't, look for another.

    Bottom line, don't put this off. And have a full work up on the rest of your teeth. Easier to take care of little problems before you need another root canal - or extraction. Good luck.

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    If it is infected then he must have some evidence like an X-ray or he sees a fistula. Generally Teeth that are non painful at the begining of a root canat do better that those with active infections or history of recent infection pain. good luck Don't forget you'll need a crown afterwards

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