How do I get rid of my new tabs on firefox always loading as yahoo search?

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Whenever I open a new tab in Firefox it will always load as Yahoo search, can anyone give me the steps how to stop this?
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1. Open your Firefox browser. Click on “Tools." This will bring up a list of options.

2. Scroll down the list to “Options." Click on it. This will bring up a box with multiple options.

3. Select “Main” if the box did not open with it selected by default. In the “Startup” section you will see “When Firefox starts” and a selection box.

4. Choose the option you wish from the selection box. They will be “Show my home page," “Show a blank page," and “Show my windows and tabs from last time." If you select “Show my home page," you will also need to provide a URL in the box labeled “Home page.” The buttons below the box will aid you in providing the URL. With them, you may select your current page(s), a bookmark, or your default page (Mozilla home page) to be automatically entered into the URL field. Alternatively, you may manually type in the URL of the desired page.

5. Click “Ok." If at any time you do not like the home page you have selected, repeat steps to change your home page.

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  • J. S answered 3 years ago
    Go to "Tools," "options," and "General." Click on "manage add-ons," go to "plugins" and disable Yahoo state addon. Ta da~
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