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what would you pack in your SURVIVAL KIT ?

magnesium flint

hunting knife

fishing hook, net, cord

rain protection

binoculars (hunting)

wear a nice decent set of warm clothes

PB & J

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    rifle for hunting

    first aid kit

    survival magazine


    emergency food and water

    water proof blanket


    E-T folding shovel



    fishing rod

    Axe for chopping down lumber to make shelter or for firewood

    climbing gear


    water purifiers

    Source(s): survival magazine
  • Beside all of them (magnesium flint

    hunting knife

    fishing hook, net, cord

    rain protection

    binoculars (hunting)

    wear a nice decent set of warm clothes), also some fruits, some food, wet wipes and dry wipes, mineral water, flashlight, blanket, etc.

    Good day and have a nice trip!

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    first aid kit- one of those 200 item ones you see in stores, plus a first aid manual because I don't know squat about first aid, extra pain killers and medicines, surgical grade tweezers, the plastic ones just won't do, small magnifying glass (often times splinters are very small) a very sharp knife, and medical tape.

    waterproof LED flashlight (unloaded) +2 18650 batteries and solar charger.

    12 glow sticks


    airman's' flint & magnesium firestarter

    survival knife, hard chrome lined

    15 books of mil-spec matches in a waterproof bag + desiccant - these matches are designed for humid conditions, will last longer than regular matches.

    change of clothes with extra socks, underwear, pants, and t shirts

    sun glasses

    signal flares

    5 stripped-down MREs (without any packaging) - military surplus only, and without packing to save space and reduce litter.

    military survival handbook

    550 paracord, 100 feet

    a spool fishing wire (for making traps) alternatively trap making wire, but its quite a bit more pricey.

    2-1L water bottles

    water canteen+cup (mil surp metal)

    some fuel tablets- these take little space and are designed for survival use.

    cell phone + full charge... you never know...

    local maps of area- waterproof topographic type color coded maps. local area and detailed maps.

    6 boxes subsonic .22LR

    3 boxes sonic .22LR

    2 boxes high velocity .22LR

    heavily customized single shot bolt action .22lr rifle, bull pup, 3-9x40mm scope, parkerized finish, muzzle protector, 4.7 lbs. and sling. scope mil dot and sighted at 4X for 25 yards using subsonic ammunition.

    and i think that's all.

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    You forgot Paracord and SNARE WIRE. Hunting and fishing take a lot of energy for a small catch, but a lot of traps work around the clock and take almost no energy compared to hunting.


    Lots of M&Ms, a first aid kit, a tarp, a map and compass, a full tang knife rather than those hollow-handle ones, stuff like that...

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    Most important of all FIRST AID Kit... (we are talking SURVIVAL right?!)

    In addition to the aforementioned stuff ...

    A lighter or matches.


    Sanitary towels (if you are a woman)

    A map

    a compass

    Mirror (reflects what you can't see as well as light)

    Good company ...don't go alone ... a very famous wilderness wanderer once said "Happiness is only real when shared".

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